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Check Out These 4 Ways To Satisfy Your Marketing Needs Through WiFi

WiFi Marketing - Jun 19, 2017

WiFi marketing is an effective way to optimize your marketing needs toward customers by communicating messages to potential customers and users nearby.

In today’s connected world, free WiFi is a must, and customers are always looking for ways to get connected immediately. Including content offers, product information, and other collateral prior to customers accessing your WiFi hotspots is an excellent opportunity to implement a targeted marketing campaign.

WiFi marketing offers several benefits to your marketing needs:

  1. You meet your customers where they are through geographic segmentation. When potential customers are in close proximity to your business they’ll access your content and product information before connecting to the hotspot, extending engagement with your brand.
  2. Custom landing pages will let you target customers with offers immediately, encouraging them to learn more about your business offerings and share their information in order to access the internet.
  3. You’ll delight customers and give them a reason to spend more time with your business. It’s important to offer something to customers first so that they feel more inclined to reciprocate by becoming patrons of your business.
  4. Receive contact information from potential customers. Knowing who you can target with email campaigns, social media ads, and other content offers you create is incredibly valuable in today’s business world. Using WiFi as a tool for your marketing needs to get your potential customers contact information lets you build a connection and turn them into leads for future sales.

Contact us for more on how to maximize your benefits from WiFi marketing. We’re dedicated to satisfying your guests and your marketing needs through WiFi hotspots.


Marketing and Startups: Why Having Repeat Customers is Important

WiFi Marketing - Jun 14, 2017

When you open a brick-and-mortar store, you know that it will take time to get noticed. However, time is not on your side. With startups overhead costs accumulating day by day, you know that you need to acquire customers–fast.

When you don’t have many customers, your main focus is on customer acquisition. You want to get the word out about your business to as many people as possible. However, customer acquisition should not be your only focus. You should also include repeat customers in your marketing strategy. Here are 3 reasons why repeat customers are essential to your business succeeding, and how to engage them.

1.) Repeat customers will be a steady source of income for your business.

Every city and town has a limited number of potential customers, so new customer acquisition can only go so far. The key to continued business success is having repeat business. Keeping these customers happy and coming back to you time and time again will ensure the longevity of your business.

2.) Repeat customers are more likely to recommend you to others.

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted ways of gaining new customers. If Sally’s sister really likes your place and recommends you to Sally, she will trust her sister’s testimonial. By the same token, however, customers that have a bad experience at your store will also tell others. That’s why it’s important to keep repeat customers happy, not only for repeat business, but also for your brand’s image.

3.) Repeat customers will provide useful marketing information.

Once you have established a loyal customer base, you now have access to invaluable marketing information. You can learn about their likes, dislikes, and figure out if you need to adjust your business course. Repeat customers can tell you what you’re doing right, as well as pinpoint flaws you may have overlooked.

How to stay engaged with your repeat customers.

Many businesses excel at engaging their customers while they are at their place of business. For example, an assistant manager may approach a dining party and ask how their service was. Also, comment cards may be placed inside the place of business to get feedback from customers. These are both excellent methods of communicating with customers while they are visiting your establishment. However, many businesses are coming to the realization that they need to take this a step further and engage the customer after the sale.

One way of doing this is by turning to white label WiFi marketing. By offering free WiFi to customers and having them opt-in with their e-mail, businesses can reach out to customers long after a sale has been made. Not only are you able to give customers a way to reach out to you directly, you can inform them about promotions and deals. White label WiFi marketing is an excellent way to establish communication with your customers, as well as gain invaluable marketing information.

If you would like more information about how white label WiFi marketing can help your business, and would like to speak to experts in this field, please do not hesitate to contact us.

wifi social media marketing

GoZone WiFi Social Media Marketing Helps Clients Remember Your Biz

WiFi Marketing - Jun 7, 2017

WiFi Social Media Marketing: It is a fact that the more exposure we have to a certain brand or company, the more likely we are to remember it by name. There are plenty of great businesses and products that have a lot to offer but they are not receiving the business they deserve because people cannot remember the company’s name.

How can you be sure that after people visit your business, they will remember your business and return? The answer is a strong presence on social media and GoZone White Label is here to make social media marketing simple.

In addition to providing free WiFi to your clients at an affordable rate, GoZone White Label also incorporates marketing into your WiFi service so that your business can continue to grow. The best way to increase business and force clients to remember your company is to have a strong and steady following via social media. When your guests sign into your free guest WiFi network provided by GoZone White Label, they can automatically be redirected to your social media page or have advertisements for your company appear on their social media sites of choice. This means that with GoZone White Label, you will increase your following on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn. The ads generated on social media from using GoZone White Label will encourage clients to like or follow your company’s page. Therefore, when you post content, your valued guests will see this content and remember to return to your business and tell their friends about it.

With so many valued and potential clients spending so much time on social media, your company cannot afford to miss out on this vital marketing opportunity provided by GoZone White Label. Even better, in addition to increasing your social media presence, GoZone White Label will also generate email lists, information about client demographics, create advertising revenue streams, and is incredibly easy to use. Do not go another day without GoZone White Label, start growing your business today.