Turn Your Guests Into Repeat Customers

Transform your Free WiFi Into SMART WiFi

With our Smart WiFi, you can:

  • Offers a way for the Hotel to have increased Facebook ‘Likes’
  • Builds a list and gives you visibility on ALL of the visitors in the hotel, not just the guest that reserved the room
  • Gives you the REAL e-mail address for your guests so you can re-market to them
  • Can AUTOMATICALLY send out triggered e-mails, SMS, or Tweets when guests login (Perhaps the policies or promotions for in-property amenities)
  • Can AUTOMATICALLY send out triggered e-mails, SMS, or Tweets to people after a period of time after they logged in…perhaps to promote positive reviews and/or to promote catering or weddings
  • Can AUTOMATICALLY push all the e-mail addresses to any bulk e-mail system you might use like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp etc.
  • Take control of your WiFi network by limiting session time and bandwidth usage
  • Keep the equipment you have, it integrates with most commercial-grade WiFi hardware


It’s easy to tweet live from the conference!

With GoZone Smart Wifi, your patrons are 93% more likely to:

  • like or following your page or profile
  • check in
  • post photos with your location
  • tag their friends

That makes it easy for you to keep in touch!

  • advertise specials
  • invite them to events
  • send coupons and other incentives
  • reward repeat customers
  • send surveys

How it Works

  • marketing-iconAUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING Start nurturing your new guest relationship! Send a welcome email, then further marketing messages based on a set of rules you establish in your dasboard.
  • loyalty-iconPROMOTE GUEST LOYALTY Once registered, our intelligent system tracks each time a guest re-visits. If they haven’t been back in a while, you can schedule the system to message them a special offer. For loyal guests, greet them with a special offer, during their visit!
  • secure-iconCONTROL YOUR GUEST NETWORK  Device-level bandwidth and session controls can limit use based on your policies. All devices can be limited so certain guests don’t hog all of your bandwidth.

These Are Some Of Our Current GoZone WiFi Hosts

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