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Turn Your Guest Wi-Fi Usage Into Revenue Results

Easily Understand and Engage Your Guests With WiFi Analytics. Get what you need to create data-backed marketing campaigns that keep guests coming back.



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Engage with guests and promote your brand over guest WiFi. Then, use collected customer data to keep them coming back.

Deliver targeted ad campaigns via guest WiFi. Generate additional revenue by managing your own ads – or let us do it for you.

Real-time presence analytics take the guesswork out of growing. Review heat maps, traffic patterns, dwell time, and more.

GoZone was born from the belief that you shouldn't have to be an online store or app to get a 360-degree understanding of what your customers want.

Our team speaks the technical language, so you don’t have to. Instead, our team partners with you to understand your business goals and help you create easy-to-deploy marketing strategies that are right for your business.


Are you ready to unlock the ROI hidden in your guest WiFi?

Start monetizing the WiFi you give away for free with Marketing4WiFi.

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Aggregate guest data, drive rewards programming, and increase average on-site spend.

Stadiums and Events

Improve the guest experience, increase loyalty, and generate direct revenue.

City and Community

Get to know visitors and residents, drive community initiatives, and analyze traffic flow and trends.

Food and Beverage

Drive social following, send automated marketing messages, and say goodbye to passwords.

Resorts and Lodging

Improve the guest experience, increase loyalty, and generate direct revenue.

Parks and Recreation

Provide unique login methods based on guest type, collect WiFi payments, and send targeted marketing messages.

Grocery and Retail

Connect your brick-and-mortar and digital business with access to location analytics and guest insights.


Monitor traffic patterns, validate authorized logins, and provide unique access levels.


Improve the guest experience, increase loyalty, and generate direct revenue.

GoZone support has been quick, thorough, and they always follow the issue to its resolution. GoZone’s commitment to service excellence on top of a stellar software platform is very apparent.”

Scott Evangelist

Communications Manager

"We now know who our customers are and can use our own email marketing platform to communicate with our guests. In the 2+ years since we’ve partnered with GoZone, our rate of return customers has dramatically increased."

Adam Perhosky

Director of Marketing

"Smart WiFi has exponentially helped to grow our marketing database and engage with our customers. As a marketing expert, I know thevalue of an updated and targeted customer list. When your marketing efforts reach a larger audience, you’re going to get better results - regardless of what you’re promoting."

Zeb Apostolakis

Creative Director

"Words cannot explain how happy I am with this platform and marketing service. GoZone's marketing team performs an amazing job at staying up to date with creating email campaigns that promote my upcoming events to my WiFi guests in a timely manner."

Chris Werner


"The The ability to understand our customers, and have a way to instantly engage with them, is extremely important to our brand development and strategic marketing efforts."

Victoria Vini

Marketing Specialist

"The data collected with GoZone allowed us to identify an unexpected pattern in our new location. Analyzing that data led to an operational adjustment which resulted in an increase in revenue."

Jeff Gabriel

VP of Strategy

We've integrated with the best enterprise hardware to leverage your existing investments.

GoZone's platforms offer your guests a consistent experience regardless of the Wi-Fi infrastructure.