4 Reasons Every Brick-And-Mortar Store Needs Guest WiFi

4 Reasons Every Brick-And-Mortar Store Needs Guest WiFi featured image

Now that worries of people leaving behind brick-and-mortar shopping have been assuaged by vast outpourings of customers at physical locations, it’s time to reinvest in these places.

Guest WiFi is a fantastic tool that businesses can utilize to help make the most of every interaction with in-house customers. Today, we’ll show you the top four reasons why you need to implement this system in your business.

Improve Your Customers’ Shopping Experience

The first reason your business needs guest WiFi is that it can vastly improve the customer’s experience in your store. The customers log into the WiFi through a captive portal, providing them with access to the internet while the business gains valuable information like names and emails.

On the internet, customers can look at your available products while standing in the store, find coupons, check reviews, and compare prices with other stores. Customers will use your internet to convince themselves to make a purchase either directly in the store or online. Providing free internet can eliminate uncertainty and answer questions that help customers come to a decision and results in you making money.

WiFi Facilitates Social Sharing

Social media is a massive marketing tool in the world today. Giving your customers access to their social media accounts via your internet connection is a wise move. They’ll share status updates about being in your store, talk about your products, and give your company a free signal boost with their friends and family members.

Whether you are a retail store or a restaurant, offering guest WiFi can help generate interest and bring more people to your brick-and-mortar location in the future.

Targeted Marketing Will Boost Sales

When you offer guest WiFi, your business gets the ability to communicate with your customers. If they sign up with a phone number or email, you can use that information to communicate with your customers, providing targeted marketing offers.

For example, you can:

  • Send text messages offering special deals that will convert repeat customers
  • Message customers about related goods they might be interested in purchasing
  • Email customers upon leaving your store to follow up with a survey
  • Provide updates about your offers, products, or services

The bottom line is when a customer comes into your store and signs up for your guest Wifi, you gain extra opportunities to impress and delight them.

Learn About Your Users Gain Customer Insights

Information is the most valuable resource for marketing, and guest WiFi allows a business to draw some very personal, actionable information from people that log into the system.

By establishing this service in your business, you will gain the following customer insights and more:

  • The amount of time a person spends in your store
  • The most popular hours for customers
  • Customers’ age ranges
  • Email addresses
  • Preferred social media
  • Products they search for online

When you get customers to log into your WiFi, you gain all this information and the opportunity to build a database on specific customers and their habits through email addresses or social media profiles. Then, you can leverage that information for future marketing, reaching out to those customers directly.

Installing a guest WiFi system in your brick-and-mortar business is an investment that small, medium and large companies should make because it vastly improves your marketing outcomes. You do not need to be an expert in WiFi to reap the benefits of such a system.

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