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Brick-And-Mortar Stores: 4 Reasons You Need Guest WiFi

As more and more customers return to brick-and-mortar establishments, businesses can significantly benefit from implementing a guest WiFi system. Guest WiFi is a fantastic tool that can improve the customer’s shopping experience, facilitate social sharing, boost sales through targeted marketing, and provide valuable customer insights.

Explore why businesses should implement this system and how advanced platforms like Marketing4WiFi and GoZone WiFi can enhance customer engagement, increase sales, and provide valuable insights.  

Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy with Guest WiFi and Marketing4WiFi Platform

Implementing a guest WiFi system is about more than just providing internet access to your customers. With the help of advanced platforms like Marketing4WiFi, businesses can enhance customer engagement by offering a seamless online experience. Marketing4WiFi features email marketing, text message marketing, and digital coupons that can boost sales, improve customer retention and loyalty, and provide valuable insights into the target audience.   

By collecting email addresses from customers through the captive portal, businesses can use them to send targeted promotional messages and newsletters, automate email campaigns, and segment email lists based on customers’ preferences and behavior. Text message marketing is another powerful tool to help businesses reach customers in real-time and get immediate responses. Digital coupons can incentivize customers to make purchases and track usage to gain insights into customer preferences and behavior.  

Maximizing Customer Engagement and Sales with GoZone WiFi’s Smart Platform

Similarly, businesses can enhance the customer experience by implementing a guest WiFi system with GoZone WiFi, which offers a Smart WiFi platform with top-notch marketing, advertising, and analytics tools. With GoZone WiFi, businesses can obtain valuable information such as customer names and email addresses, browse available products, find coupons, read reviews, and compare prices with other stores. This can eliminate uncertainty and result in increased sales.   

Additionally, providing access to social media accounts through guest WiFi can facilitate social sharing, generating more interest in the business. By offering targeted marketing through email or text messages, companies can increase sales and convert repeat customers. Finally, businesses can gain valuable customer insights by drawing personal information from customers who log into their WiFi, including their time spent in-store, age range, preferred social media, and products they search for online.  

Implementing a Guest WiFi System with Targeted Marketing and Customer Insights

Implementing a guest WiFi system can significantly enhance the customer’s shopping experience, making it easier to browse products, find coupons, and compare prices. This can result in increased sales and customer satisfaction.   

Moreover, businesses can leverage the power of targeted marketing through email or text messages to convert repeat customers, increase sales, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. By drawing personal information from customers who log into the WiFi, businesses can learn about their users and gain valuable customer insights to inform future marketing strategies.  

The Surprising Affordability of Guest WiFi

Implementing a guest WiFi system is an investment that small, medium, and large businesses should make to enhance their marketing outcomes. With the help of advanced platforms like Marketing4WiFi and GoZone WiFi, companies can improve customer engagement, increase sales, and gain valuable customer insights. By providing a seamless online experience through guest WiFi, businesses can boost customer retention and loyalty and gain a competitive edge. 

Ready to boost your sales and enhance your customer’s shopping experience?

Contact GoZone WiFi today to learn more about implementing a guest WiFi system and gaining a competitive edge! 

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A custom splash page helps give a captive portal the branded look it needs to stand out from the crowd and give guests the peace of mind they’re accessing the network associated with the venue they’re visiting.

WiFi Payments and Vouchers

Offer premium guest WiFi access and promote WiFi upgrades with comprehensive payment and voucher modules. Payments can be used to offer guests varying speeds of WiFi access, while vouchers are great for venues that want to utilize a captive portal that also requires a voucher code for WiFi access.
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Venues can now offer multiple levels of guest WiFi access with our Guest Plan feature. Guest Plans are defined by specific upload and download speeds and session time limits. Brick-and-mortar businesses can offer guest WiFi access and promote WiFi upgrades with our new payment and voucher modules.

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Create and display custom guest surveys on any splash page of your guest flow. Collect feedback and gather additional data points to create smarter marketing.

Enhanced Guest Flow

Guest flow gives venues complete control over the guest WiFi experience. Guest flows help keep a visually pleasing captive portal experience by preventing clutter of multiple marketing assets. Keep it simple, or turn your WiFi into a digital billboard.
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Integrated Ad Spaces

Ad Space Integrations is a powerful feature for venues who want to promote products, deals and specials, online shopping, loyalty programs and other signups, or third-party advertisers all on a pre-authenticated Splash Page.

Increase impressions and clicks for advertising opportunities by showcasing AdSpaces before requiring a guest to connect to WiFi.

Have an app that needs more downloads? The URL redirect function will navigate guests to the app store specific to their device as soon as they click on the advertisement/call-to-action button.

No more will guests have to wait to connect to WiFi to reach interactive ads. Ad Space Integrations takes Ads4WiFi smart advertising tools and places it our smart marketing environment powered by Marketing4WiFi.

Hotspot Scheduler

Determine the specific days and times that WiFi is available to guests. Hotspot Scheduler offers smarter WiFi control by allowing venues to run their guest WiFi during business hours.