Proximity Marketing – 5 Reasons to Implement

Digital marketing is continuously evolving, with many marketers constantly trying to stay ahead of the competition. According to Google, the top 100 most mature marketers, as seen on the maturity curve, are about four times more likely to surpass business goals, increase their market share, and boost revenue when compared to the 100 least mature marketers.

Developing strategies to stay at the upper end of the curve is essential if you want your business to thrive. Synchronizing personal data with location is one way to optimize your marketing strategy. This is known as proximity marketing.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing is simply the ability to communicate with your customers quickly when they are within or around your building. Using proximity marketing effectively can help you achieve your business goals in no time in terms of sales and revenue. Fortunately, you can harness your WiFi connection for this purpose. By utilizing geofences from your guest WiFi, you can interact seamlessly with customers within your premises by sending information to their mobile devices.

5 reasons for implementing proximity marketing

The advantages of implementing proximity marketing using WiFi connections are abundant. However, there are some key reasons why any business should consider harnessing this marketing opportunity.

More targeted messages and promotions

Marketing via messages is very effective when tailored to the recipient. Using a location status to capture data can help you send the right messages at the right time. For instance, you have a detailed list of customers who haven’t visited your business location in a while, and you can send them relationship messages. You can also tailor promotional messages to be sent to customers who have visited your area a specific number of times.

Gain more insights into customers’ needs

You would need to know what customers enjoy and what they want you to improve on for better customer service. Sending surveys is an excellent way to collect this information. With proximity marketing, you can send surveys to customers as they move a certain distance away from your location, marking their checkout status.

Better conversion rates

Due to the effectiveness of marketing with actual data, customers are more likely to subscribe to certain services or even visit again. The personal feel that proximity marketing gives customers influences their decision to react to a call to action.

Expanding your database

Using WiFi to gain data based on proximity to your location will give you a large bucket of personal data to work with. Not everyone that visits your location intends to purchase your service. Some are probably just visiting a guest. This means that your data does not have to be limited to only those who have ever used your service. Hence, you can increase your reach and possibly gain more customers.

Monitor Traffic

Using proximity marketing helps you monitor the influx of people into your location. This can be used for analysis purposes and to ensure you gain a holistic view of how well your business is doing.

Want to start boosting revenue and increasing customer engagement?

Ask GoZone WiFi about Proximity WiFi marketing implementation today! It has been developed specifically to capture necessary data using location stats for better marketing and analytics. By integrating into GoZone’s WiFi platform, your business performance will get a whole lot better.

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