8 Ways You Can Benefit from Smart WiFi

As described in an article published in Inc. Magazine, “free Wi-Fi access is fast becoming a prominent customer expectation” in most businesses. But how can you get the most out of this free offering? By making it Smart WiFi.

Send Enticing Offers

Using clients’ login information to connect to your WiFi, you can create mailing lists for your targeted marketing campaigns. Among the benefits of creating a list this way is the possibility to push real-time offers and coupons directly to those who log on. For example, GoZone WiFi can be set up so that as soon as a client signs-in by typing in their email address, an Instant Offer email or coupon is automatically sent directly to the client’s inbox. Systems like GoZone allow merchants to collect customers demographics, which can be valuable in fine-tuning email marketing efforts.

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Create a Targeted Marketing List

Default home pages that appear on customers’ devices who have connected to your establishment’s WiFi are a great form of branding. GoZone integrates a login portal to your default page, requesting users to sign in using their social media credentials in order to gain access to free WiFi.

Increase Sales by Enhancing Customer Experience

A recent survey reported that 21% of surveyed retailers saw increased lengths of store visits due to in-store WiFi. In-Store WiFi allows guests access to product reviews, price comparisons, and other guest recommendations while on the premises. Guests are also commonly found searching for coupons and deals to use for their purchases.

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Keep an Eye on Traffic, Anticipate Rushes and Save on Staff Expenses

A key benefit of offering in-store WiFi is that merchants can use it to track visitors as they walk through the premises. Smart WiFi services can be used to monitor the length of customers’ visits, further identifying peak hours. These analytics provided by smart WiFi systems can be used to predict customer behavior and anticipate rushes. With this data in mind, you can also improve the efficiency of your operation and avoid over-staffing when it’s not necessary.

Improve your Branding

We already talked about how captive pages can be used to build mailing lists or prompt customers to take specific action to access your WiFi. What we didn’t talk about is that this default captive page can also be used for branding purposes. You might have seen hotels and fitness studios display pictures of their premises. Now, some restaurants are choosing to have a default picture showcasing their chef’s most popular creations. In this manner, businesses can quickly communicate excitement about their product or service, creating a positive association with their brand.

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Have Your Customers Spread the Word About Your Brand

Instead of requesting customers to type in a password and running into the hassle of having many customers ask “what’s the password? all lower case?”, some establishments are using social WiFi portals, like GoZone WiFi. You can set up GoZone so that everybody who connects to WiFi is directed to like your Facebook page that can be visible to all of your clients’ friends.

Having new followers on social media websites is currently being regarded as one of the most powerful marketing advantages of the digital era. Once your customer likes your Facebook Fan page, they are broadcasting your brand to all of their friends and followers. This is key since a client’s friends tend to be in the same demographic (i.e. age, location, socioeconomic bracket) that most likely is your target market.

WiFi Advertising

Some witty retailers are turning to free WiFi to deliver local advertisements. This can serve two purposes: Say you have a bar and would like to bring consumers in your proximity into your door for Happy hour. GoZone includes a banner ad at other GoZone-hosting locations in your area. This way, those leaving the stadium after the game, can view your ad indicating that your drinks are half off. The second purpose serves advertisers regardless of where they are. Your rental car company, for example, can purchase an ad in an area with a high density of tourists informing them about your convenient rates.

This way of targeted mobile advertising, helps your brand get literally in the face of consumers, boosting curiosity and facilitating emotional engagement and impulse buying.

Attract More Leads

It’s been proven: 80% of mobile users select where to shop based on the availability of WiFi. In-Store WiFi also increases foot traffic, length of time customers stay on the premises, and the amount of money they spend. By offering WiFi, you increase your chances of being visited. Period.

Still Have Doubts?

Despite all these advantages, some businesses still see the implementation of free WiFi for customers as an unnecessary burden. For example, some fast food places that only make small margins off of their services would much rather have guests coming in and out quickly, rather than lingering on the premises.

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Another example is when restaurants with an unreliable WiFi service provider have customers constantly asking their staff to “reset the modem” when the WiFi fails. GoZone allows establishments full control of their bandwidth limits and time sessions. This way they can set the limits avoiding table parking and overuse of bandwidth to download large files. Our device isolation feature secures the network preventing you from cyber-attacks!

Remember, it all comes down to the fact that the majority of people expect to have access to free WiFi in restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops and malls. As a manager, if you combine WiFi with the power of Social Media, you can be looking at an opportunity to sell more, by establishing a strong online presence while your clients stay engaged on and offline.

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