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Earn revenue from guest WiFi connections.

Advertising campaign delivery and management built for guest WiFi networks.

Ads4WiFi enables WiFi providers to earn additional revenue through WiFi advertising while enabling advertisers to reach a highly engaged mobile audience.



Targeted advertising and brand promotion.

  • Promote additional products, services, and programs to guests through an advertising landing page
  • Track performances for advertisements with impression and click-through reports
  • Offer third-party advertising opportunities to other businesses and increase their brand engagement 

Ads4WiFi Features


Interactive Landing Page

Branded landing page for WiFi guests that can host a variety of advertising banners, videos, and GIFS.

Detailed Advertising Reports

A reporting tool for providing insight on what landing pages and ad spaces are garnering the most clicks and impressions. Advertising Reports can be shared with third-party advertisers.

Smart URL Redirect

Redirects a guest to a specific URL after they have clicked on an Ad Space. Smart Redirect takes a guest to a specific page based on the operating system.

Rotational Ad Spaces

Digital ad space that rotates through a variety of advertising banners. Promote different brands or products and keep guests engaged.

Revenue-Tracking Insights

Know how much revenue is being brought in from third-party advertising by tracking landing page counts and CPM.

Cross-Platform Ad Spaces

Integrated Ad Spaces works in conjunction with Marketing4WiFi. Promote product purchases, app downloads, and more before a guest even connects to WiFi.

How is WiFi advertising being used in your venue?

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Smart Cities & Communities

Offer advertising space to local businesses and sponsors and start subsidizing the WiFi network being offered to the locals and tourists.

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Stadiums and Performing Art Centers

Promote ticket purchases for upcoming games or shows. Create new revenue generation with ad opportunities for stadium vendors and sponsors.



Hotels and Hospitality

Offer third-party advertising for local businesses and attractions and advertise them exactly where guests will be able to see them, on their phone.


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Shopping Centers and Retail

Promote products and loyalty programs for third-party vendors and earn direct revenue from your digital advertising space.


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Reach a Targeted Audience

  • Serve WiFi guests advertising pieces that are engaging and interactive.
  • Reporting and insight tools help you know what advertisements are hitting their marks with your audience.
  • Smart geo-targeted campaigns allows for a variety of third-party advertising opportunities.

Drive Advertising Revenue

  • Easy-to-create Ad Spaces allows for creatives that promote engagement and encourages clicks.
  • Smart URL Redirect gets guests to the pages they want to be at for more app downloads, product viewing, and other revenue-generating activity.
  • Revenue Insight tool provides key insights on third-party advertising activity to show what advertisers are optimizing their ad campaigns.
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Build Brand Engagement

  • Run multiple ads at time and let WiFi guests tell you what products they prefer to engage with.
  • Run A-B testing of the same promotion to see what creatives are driving clicks.
  • Track growth of impressions and clicks to entice new third-party advertisers. 

Are you ready to unlock the ROI hidden in your guest WiFi?

Start earning direct revenue from the WiFi you give away for free with Ads4WiFi.

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These companies have already unlocked the power of Smart WiFi through WiFi advertising. What are you waiting for?


Frequently Asked Questions

The Ads4WiFi platform is completely hardware agnostic, meaning that it works with any captive portal system that allows a custom URL redirect. 

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