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Alternative to Aislelabs

Thinking of adding Aislelabs to your WiFi services, or looking for alternatives to Aislelabs? Instead of paying too much for features you don’t use, look to GoZone for friendly service, scalable pricing, and features that work for you. Before you make a decision, here are a few reasons why using GoZone WiFi is a smart alternative to Aislelabs for your business.

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GoZone vs. Aislelabs

You can grow with GoZone.

Our pricing model is scalable, offering you more flexibility to work with GoZone as you grow. Offer the most value to your customers while increasing your own business revenue with tiered pricing options.

A consultative approach.

In the tech industry, it's humans that make the difference. When you partner with GoZone, you'll have a dedicated Account Manager to help answer any questions you might have. Should you need it, our technical support team is experienced, friendly, and ready to help walk you through the ins and outs of our products.

Ease of use.

Aislelabs makes getting started complicated with upfront investments and hidden fees. With GoZone, simple account activation means you you have full control over the experience. Seamlessly manage your captive portal, marketing materials, and guest insights in one dashboard.

Custom development at your fingertips.

We approach product feature development a little differently than Aislelabs and other WiFi marketing platforms. We listen to you, our partners, and build the features you need. Our development team is constantly working to add advanced features to help you accomplish what matters most.

Our restaurant's email database has grown from 3K to over 45K since we have partnered with GoZone WiFi. The platform provides us with everything we need to earn repeat business. We now know who our customers are and can communicate with our guests in a meaningful way. In the 2+ years since we’ve partnered with GoZone, our rate of return customers has dramatically increased. GoZone is a perfect partner for our business.

Why GoZone WiFi?

You own your data.

We believe data is a trusted contract between you and your customers. GoZone WiFi will never use, sell or manipulate your data in any way.

Unmatched customer service.

Our entire US-based customer service and support team is here for you. Your dedicated account manager will help you get setup and answer any questions you have.

Scalable options.

Needs change as a business grows. Our plans and pricing are built to grow with you.

Experience and proven success.

We were innovating digital solutions for businesses back when internet was dial-up. Our leadership team brings over 30 years of experience and success.

Hardware neutral platforms.

Your business needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are our platforms. Get started quickly with our hardware neutral platforms.

We’re human.

More than just another vendor, our team acts as a dedicated business partner committed to your success.

Choose GoZone WiFi, the Smart Alternative to Aislelabs

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