Understand customer behavior with location analytics.

Location analytics and traffic alerts powered by guest WiFi.

Analytics4WiFi captures and analyzes where your customers are, and how they move through and interact with your space - all powered by guest WiFi.


Precision monitoring and alerts.

  • Know the exact head count in and around a property with real-time traffic updates
  • See a visual of of busy areas vs. slow areas with heatmapping.
  • Get instant SMS or email alerts when head count reaches a specific number in a specified area

Analytics4WiFi Features

Summary Dashboard

Full-page view of traffic numbers based on visitors, passer-bys, and WiFi connections. Real-time traffic updates provided for accurate data.

Density Alerts

Use SMS or email alerts to be notified when a traffic count hits a set threshold. Set alerts for specific areas or for the entire property.

Heatmap & Footfall Visuals

These tools provide a visual look into how traffic is dispersed throughout a venue and how it flows in a 12-hour time frame.

Reporting Jobs

Create recurring summary reports to stay updated on traffic counts and customer presence. Include multiple email recipients to inform team members as needed.

View real-time heatmaps to understand the traffic density of designated zones.

These tools provide a visual look into how traffic is dispersed throughout a venue and how it flows in a 12-hour time frame.



How is WiFi analytics being used in your venue?

smart cities icon

Smart Cities & Communities

Pinpoint foot traffic of locals and tourists to optimize construction, traffic systems, and forecasting turnout for public events.

sports and entertainment icon

Gaming, Theme Parks, & Stadiums

Gain full understanding of how guests navigate through the property to prevent walkway congestion, optimize vendor placement, and keep security close to high-traffic areas.


achieve_goals copy


Use traffic alerts to stay notified where students and visitors travel around a school yard or campus to optimize security placement.

retail services icon

Shopping Centers & Malls

Know the flow of a property's foot traffic to optimize placement of physical signage and promotions for different stores.


Unlock the data-driven potential within your physical location.

Access to rich location analytics all from one centralized and cloud-based dashboard.


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