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Powerful location analytics powered by your guest WiFi.

Analytics4WiFi captures and analyzes where your customers are, and how they move through and interact with your space - all powered by guest WiFi.

Visualize Traffic Patterns

  • Heat-mapping technology shows how customers move through your location
  • Identify and resolve issues to drive purchasing and enhance customer experience
  • Presence analytics reveal footfall, dwell-times, behavior trends in and around a location
wifi traffic visualization

Respond to Real-time Traffic Alerts

  • Custom triggers  let you know if, and when, a traffic pattern changes
  • Monitor traffic patterns within your venue and the surrounding area
  • Deploy resources as necessary to direct crowds and promote purchasing behavior
real time wifi traffic alerts on mobile phone

Track Growth and Retention

  • Record how many new and returning visitors your venue receives  
  • Analyze detail into crowd size, busy days and times, and patterns
  • Review and compare traffic data to accurately measure traffic patterns
tracking wifi traffic growth

Zero-in on Opportunity

  • Isolate specific geographic areas within your venue 
  • Target promotions to the right visitors at the right time
wifi usage data visualized on graphs

Aggregate Data Collection

  • Integrate collected data with existing datasets
  • Seamlessly inform your entire operation 
  • Analyze data from one centralized dashboard
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Feed Your Marketing Strategy

  • Strategically position signage and advertisements based on traffic flow data
  • Measure marketing ROI and inform your future strategies
  • Allow cross-departmental visibility with multi-tenant dashboard

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Unlock the data-driven potential within your physical location.

Access to rich location analytics all from one centralized and cloud-based dashboard.

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Small Business or Mega-Venue

If there’s guest WiFi, we can unlock the marketing potential within.

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Better decisions are backed up by data.

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Start reaping the benefits of Smart WiFi with ease. Analytics4WiFi is fully integrated with the following hardware platforms for hassle-free implementation.

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