Check-In Without Checking In: A New Contactless Solution

Check-In Without Checking In: A New Contactless Solution featured image

It’s no surprise that since the rise of COVID, hotels that double as co-working facilities have gained popularity. This results from the increase in remote work and hotels offering companies an additional flexible workspace option for their employees without long-term lease obligations or significant investments required for a large office commitment.  

Our Marketing4Wifi platform, which recently launched a game-changing feature called SecurePass™, can significantly impact these kinds of hotels in their guest device management, WiFi connectivity, and marketing all in one solution. Read on to learn about how your hotel can implement contactless check-in and in turn increase profits, guest satisfaction, and ensure your guests’ safety.

What is Marketing4Wifi? 

Marketing4Wifi is a solution offered by GoZone WiFi which gives venues the ability to gather customer data through guest wifi, then deliver targeted and timely messages to build lasting customer relationships. This will help you drive sales, remarked, build loyalty, and get to know your guests better. 

What is SecurePass? 

SecurePass is a Marketing4Wifi feature that provides venues and guests with the ultimate turn-key secure multi-device management solution for seamless guest access quickly and easily. SecurePass is a simple way to manage the connectivity of many kinds of devices securely. 

So, What Are the Benefits? 

The primary benefit of Marketing4Wifi in the hotel and coworking space will be the ability for clients to subscribe to services without physically checking in with the front desk. From the time they check-in to the time they check out, they won’t have to make any lines, speak to anyone up close, or waste any time! 

In addition to contactless check-in being highly convenient to your guests, there is an additional opportunity on the marketing end that continues even after your guests leave. Once guests have checked into the system and have their contact information, you will be able to conduct follow-up marketing with our solution. 

Once your guests have used their devices for contactless check-in, you will have a built-in email and text marketing list to promote events, co-work gatherings, digital nomad events, and more activities. The goal is to keep guests coming back by not letting them forget you once they’ve checked out. This is also an excellent opportunity to send your guests surveys after check-out and receive feedback to learn more about your customer base and improve their experience in the future. 

You also don’t just have to retarget guests who are lodging. GoZone WiFi can offer free limited timed and bandwidth internet for casual users of your property, such as restaurant guests, spa guests, etc., who could become paid clients once you’re given the ability to store their information as they pass through the space. 

All of this compounded with SecurePass keeps you ahead of the curb regarding guest satisfaction, marketing efforts, efficiency, and safety. SecurePass offers a seamless and simple way to securely manage and ensure the connectivity of many kinds of devices.  

Think about it: Co-working guests will bring at least three devices with them during their stay, and they will be expecting them to have reliable connectivity to complete their work tasks seamlessly. SecurePass also offers low transactional costs and the ability to optimize revenue and service while also reducing support calls and administrative efforts. 

GoZone WiFi offers seamless and touchless connectivity and marketing under one roof, so you don’t have to get your services from different firms either, making this easier for businesses. If you want to learn more about Marketing4Wifi or SecurePass, don’t hesitate to contact us and unlock the power of SmartWifi within your organization today!