COVID-19 is affecting communities globally.

The data tells a story of quiet streets and cautious shoppers.

The world is shuttering as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads. Precautions have forced venues from coffee shops to stadiums - to entire cities - to shut down. How can businesses remain top-of-mind with their customer base, while planning for a future that keeps the bills paid, and the doors open?

The EDGE District: A COVID-19 Case Study

The vibrant downtown business district in St. Petersburg, Florida is faced with steep declines in traffic as the community hunkers down. WiFi analytics offers a real-time glimpse into daily trends within cities, communities, and business districts. In 2019, we deployed 15 hotspots within the six-block downtown district. Data collected has been used to inform community decisions before and during this time of uncertainty.[1]

Presence heatmap shows how traffic moves thorughout the EDGE District in a sample 24-hour period.


CDC Recommends Social Distancing Across USA to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

Guest data shows number of visitors (devices that are seen for more than five consecutive minutes) and connected (those who connected to the EDGE WiFi network) between January 15 and March 15, 2020.


Decrease in weekend traffic following CDC announcement regarding social distancing related to COVID-19 on March 11, 2020.

Putting the data to work in communities.

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Advocate for relief.

Using WiFi analytics data, communities can advocate to local governments for economic support.

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Promote safe public behavior.

While large public venues are closed, public spaces may still be used, if safely.

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Support the case for delivery.

If data shows shrinking crowds, encourage local restaurants and bars to offer delivery services.


Receive traffic alerts.

Customize traffic alerts to be notified in real-time as patterns change.

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Drive online shopping.

Use WiFi marketing data to promote online shopping to loyal district customers.

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Communicate with ticket holders.

Events are being cancelled as people isolate. Communicate with attendees to build trust.

Venues around the world are facing steep declines in customer traffic.

Businesses using data collected with Smart WiFi are effectively communicating with customers, evaluating business contingency plans, and getting prepared for the new normal.


Public WiFi connections across all GoZone WiFi hotspots in 24 countries. The data shows a steep decline in public traffic.

How is GoZone helping?

A customer-driven approach.

On average, GoZone's customers collect 25% more customer data* than the average venue. That means more data-driven decisions, more customer contact information, and better customer relationships.

A wealth of data at your fingertips.

The average restaurant using GoZone collects 500 new customer records* per month, from guest WiFi alone.  We are helping venues make the most of that advantage.

Using historical data to look forward.

Our team is helping businesses analyze historical analytics in order to design a responsive and data-driven approach to moving forward.

Curbside coupons for venues.

In the midst of our customers pivoting to take-out and delivery-only business models, we have innovated a curbside coupon. Send your customers a coupon to incentivize delivery, loyalty, and ongoing support.

Database and engagement, all-in-one.

Our platform now allows businesses to send real-time emails and SMS messages to customers in their database. Our marketing team is standing by to help with content and design.

Sharing traffic counts with communities.

We continue to share traffic analytics with our partners in cities and communities around the world as an effort to help encourage thoughtful and proactive decision-making.

Want to learn more? Let's talk.

We are feeling this. Our partners are feeling this. Our friends, neighbors, and families are feeling this. If you think data might help tell the story for your (virtual or physical) network, let's talk.

*Data sourced from GoZone WiFi customer hotspots and customer surveys.