Smart WiFi takes over the Boat Show!

Smart WiFi takes over the Boat Show! featured image

Fort Lauderdale, Florida welcomes thousands of yachting and marine enthusiast on Nov 5-Nov 9, 2015 for the world’s largest in-water International boat show.

This year GoZone WiFi has announced a partnership with the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) to offer marine fanatics the first-ever boat show Smart WiFi experience. In fact, 2015 would be the first year where free public WiFi is available to show-goers. Checking emails, uploading event photos and updating Twitter feeds is no longer inconceivable during the convention thanks to GoZone’s social-powered network.

The partnership also poses an opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand or event at the FLIBS by using GoZone WiFi’s advertising platform. As described by Todd Myers, GoZone WiFi CEO “We’re excited to be bringing this value-added amenity to the FLIBS. It offers the attendees a great new way stay connected and to promote the event by engaging socially from our smart WiFi areas. Our advertisers will enjoy a geo-targeted, mobile audience to promote their products.With a 100,000 estimated boat show attendance this year, this is truly an extraordinary opportunity to engage with an audience otherwise unreachable.

Now, boat show organizers will be able to stay in touch with attendees real-time by sending them instant offers in Smart WiFi areas. This will ensure that attendees are satisfied with the overall boat show experience.

For those businesses interested in advertising opportunities on the smart WiFi network at and around the beach area, email GoZone at