Free Online Tools To Power Up Your Marketing

There’s truth to the saying You have to spend money to make money, but when it comes to your marketing, it doesn’t mean to pay for everything. If you do some or even all of your marketing in-house, there are plenty of free online marketing tools at your disposal.

If you create imagery, videos, and informative content to help market your business, here are five free online marketing tools you’ll want to have by your side.


Canva allows you to create infographics, presentations, and other branded imagery, at no cost to you. Canva provides you with pre-loaded templates you can edit to help get your creation started. Or, you can build your marketing creation straight from scratch with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

The website also comes with helpful tips and tricks for first-time creators. No matter what level your graphic design skills are at, Canva can help you create branded graphics for email, social media, and even print marketing.

Smart Tip: Consistency is important in graphic design. Consistent use of colors, shapes, and verbiage solidifies your brand in the collective psyche of your customers. Think of how you can instantly recognize an Apple ad, or a piece of marketing from Starbucks. When your audience sees a design with your consistent brand colors, font, and messaging, they’ll instantly recognize it as yours.

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Think of Animoto as the video builder version of Canva. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to add shapes, colors, music, text, and even still imagery all in a matter of minutes. Animoto also comes with plenty of pre-loaded templates and video lessons, just like Canva, so first-time creators won’t be left in the dark.

Smart Tip: Add videos to your emails as part of your marketing content. Videos can help increase click-thru rates for email marketing by 300 percent. Just remember to keep the content in your videos informative and engaging for your audience.


If you’re creating your own marketing materials, chances are you need to source photographs and images for it. Make sure you are gathering your stock images in fair and honest way. It’s unethical (and possibly illegal) to use images that you don’t have permission to use. That means no more pulling everything straight from Google Images.

Stock photography and imagery is created and licensed for particular uses, including marketing. Some are only available through a subscription plan, some can be purchased for a one-time fee, and many are completely free if used correctly.

Unsplash provides free and high-resolution stock images that the artists have provided as public domain and free of copyright laws (although a shout out to the original creator is encouraged).

From rustic buildings to grassy nature, there’s a broad spectrum of stock images awaiting you at Unsplash.

KeyWords Everywhere

Before you even begin creating your marketing content, you need to know what you should be writing about. Keywords Everywhere is an add-on tool for Google and Firefox that will provide metrics when searching specific words or phrases.

Keywords shows you the trendiness, search volume, and estimated CPC (cost per click) of a specific keyword you are searching. Knowing what keywords to talk about in your content is imperative for optimizing your SEO and overall exposure of your marketing efforts.


So you got the graphic design down. You created engaging videos and also wrote out some insightful blog pieces with strong keywords. When are you going to find the time to strategically post all of this stuff?

Hootsuite provides a free version of its online platform where you can manage up to three social media accounts. Schedule timely posts of your images, articles, and videos so you don’t have to worry about sharing your content the day of.

There is a cap to the amount of posts you can schedule within a month. But unless your business provides social media marketing or is in the marketing industry, it’s doubtful that you’ll hit that cap.

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