GoZone WiFi Introduces Hotspot Scheduler and Access Code

GoZone WiFi Introduces Hotspot Scheduler and Access Code featured image

GoZone WiFi is constantly working to update and improve our product suite, and we are excited to announce our most recent Marketing4WiFi platform update. August’s release includes two major enhancements to guest WiFi access: Hotspot Scheduler and Access Codes.

Introducing Hotspot Scheduler

Venues can now set the time and days which they allow guests to access WiFi. The Hotpot Scheduler helps brick-and-mortar stores take complete control of their WiFi network and when it’s offered to guests. This is the perfect tool for venues that prefer to keep their guest WiFi open only during hours of operations.

WiFi Access Code

Brick-and-mortar stores that desire to use WiFi Marketing and a password-protected network under the same platform can now do so via Access Code. The Access Code feature can be used as one of the login methods for guests, or  it can be made required as part of the WiFi login process.

Access Code is perfect tool for venues that prefer to allow WiFi access to those who directly patronize the business. EXAMPLE: Once a customer makes a purchase, simply share the x-digit (24 digits max) code and provide them powerful WiFi access.


New Features in Action

Are you in need of better access management for your guest WiFi network? Contact us today to learn more about the power of Smart WiFi and how we can help take back control of your WiFi network.

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