GoZone WiFi Offers Convention Center and Event Complexes the Ability to Self-Manage, Automate and Drive Additional Revenue Opportunities

GoZone Enables Self-Management and Automation Users, Guests and IoT Devices

 St. PETERSBURG, FL, September 15, 2022 – With conferences and events normalizing and returning to in-person attendance, GoZone WiFi, the leader in monetizing and managing guest WiFi, today announced that the company is working with convention centers and event complexes across the country to help drive revenue and connect with guests and IoT devices directly using GoZone’s Smart WiFi™ Suite of guest analytics solutions. The innovative suite of solutions offers these venues the ability to self-manage and automate the on-boarding of any type of user including exhibitors, guests, fans, contractors, and all their IoT devices. GoZone WiFi is working with a large portfolio of convention centers and event complexes across the country.

“We are thrilled to help our convention center and event venues create a better, more engaging guest experience by providing them with a platform that can quickly and efficiently automate and onboard anyone and all of their devices,” said Todd Myers, Founder and CEO, GoZone WiFi.  “In addition, with our solutions, convention centers and venues can increase sponsorship revenue and collect robust data for venue optimization.  Meanwhile, guests can easily connect to the platform on multiple devices, while venue owners can push out and track coupons, and increase customer loyalty via social media and email campaigns, all while controlling and understanding WiFi usage with an all-in-one solution with immediate ROI.”

Overview and benefits of GoZone’s Smart WiFi Suite of Guest Analytics and Engagement Solutions for Convention Center and Events:

  • Showcase event sponsors with interactive ads, drive app downloads, and provide advertiser attribution
  • Promote third-party sponsors with rotating, interactive ads
  • Provide sponsor attribution with detailed impression metrics
  • Increase event app downloads with app store redirect based on device type
  • Increase concession revenues, drive future attendance and make informed staffing decisions
  • Collect attendee data including demographics, contact information
  • Provide unique WiFi access levels to VIPs, vendors, and sponsors
  • Collect WiFi payments at events
  • Understand traffic flow and attendee behavior, apply that data to event layout and design
  • Use presence data to inform vendor placement and event layout
  • Strategically place sponsored signage in high-traffic areas
  • Use triggered messages to alert staff of abnormal traffic patterns

About GoZone: 

GoZone WiFi is a SaaS company and leader in monetizing and managing Guest WiFi.  The company offers business analytics, venue intelligence and guest engagement by using WiFi networks to deliver branded content, provide customer analytics, and display advertising. GoZone’s Smart WiFi Suite of products enables WiFi monetization through rich location data, marketing engagements, and third-party sponsorships. GoZone’s venue intelligence enables enterprises to strategically refine operations, bridging the gap between marketing and IT. Learn more at GoZoneWiFi.com.

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