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GoZone WiFi Releases Enhanced Splash Page Features: Guest Flow and Custom Forms

Introducing Multi-Page Guest Flows and Custom Form Builder

GoZone WiFi is constantly working to update and improve our product suite, and we are excited to announce our most recent Marketing4WiFi platform upgrade, including two major enhancements to splash page design and functionality. The most recent product update introduces two new and unrivaled product features: Guest Flow and Form Builder.

Guest Flow

Guest Flow allows the creation of a highly customized login path a user takes when connecting to a WiFi network. Think of it as a multi-layered splash page, where an action button on one splash page can lead to another page with completely unique content. This feature unveils a large, blank canvas with unlimited marketing and branding potential.


Guest Flow showcases branded content in an easy-to-navigate format for WiFi guests, rather than attempting to clutter a single splash page with multiple competing messages. Using Guest Flow, you can enhance the WiFi login experience for guests by displaying branded content including interactive graphics, text, video, and even Forms.

Form Builder

Have you ever wanted to ask your customers a specific question – maybe find out how they heard about your business or their favorite menu item – without being intrusive? The new Form Builder allows creation of custom forms that can be used as guest surveys or questionnaires. Display your customized Form on any splash page of your Guest Flow, and easily view responses within guest profiles.

Use Forms to collect just about any type of information – such as postal codes, qualifying questions, or level of interest in a new product or menu item – from WiFi guests. Used in tandem with Guest Flow, our Forms feature ensures a simple and seamless login process for guests by separating brand messaging from survey questions. Collect information in up to ten custom form fields that will be stored in guest profiles within the Marketing4WiFi dashboard. This new custom field information can be exported from each individual guest profile record, or in bulk using the guest connections report.

The Form Builder is a very powerful tool to gain additional insights from your guests. These insights can be used to improve the WiFi login experience, marketing strategies, and overall business operations.

See New Features in Action

The Perfect Pair

Guest Flow and Form Builder are designed to work in perfect unison with one another. When creating a Guest Flow to showcase marketing materials to your guests, easily include a form to gather information from guests as they connect in a simple and user-friendly format.

Successful applications of Guest Flow and Forms include a balance between marketing messages and simple survey questions. For example, an airport might want to ask basic traveler information (Traveling for business or pleasure? Terminal of choice? Peanuts or pretzels?), and a restaurant might want to survey public interest in an upcoming event. The applications are limitless.

Based on user feedback and extensive product testing, we recommend limiting the page count to four consecutive pages or steps. Thoughtfully designed Guest Flows will offer a balance of useful brand information for guests while asking for specific, helpful information in return for providing WiFi connectivity. This unprecedented product update unlocks the potential to analyze extremely specific marketing data while providing guests an enhanced path to connectivity.

Learn More

Join our Product Marketing team to learn more about how these new and powerful features change the WiFi marketing and analytics experience for hotspot operators, venues, and end users. Our webinar, Guest Flow and Form Builder, will be held on Thursday, January 17 at 11:00 am EST. We hope to see you there.

Register Now: Guest Flow and Form Builder Webinar

Contact us to learn more about driving new and recurring business through WiFi marketing.


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