GoZone WiFi Introduces WiFi Access Levels, Payments and Vouchers Modules

GoZone WiFi Introduces WiFi Access Levels, Payments and Vouchers Modules featured image

GoZone WiFi is constantly working to update and improve our product suite, and we are excited to announce our most recent Marketing4WiFi platform update. April’s release includes two major enhancements to guest WiFi access and monetization: guest plans with access through payments and vouchers.

Introducing Guest Plans

Venues can now offer multiple levels of guest WiFi access with our Guest Plan feature. Guest Plans are defined by specific upload/download speeds and session time limits. Brick-and-mortar businesses can offer guest WiFi access and promote WiFi upgrades with our new payment and voucher modules.

Charge for Access with Payment Module

Do you or your clients want to offer upgrades to premium levels of guest WiFi at an event or conference? Need a more direct ROI from the high-speed WiFi you offer guests?

Our new payment module enables direct ROI and so much more. Venues can collect direct payments for access to WiFi – and charge based on specific access level. Fees can be collected using any of the enabled integrations below, making it easy for the user and venue to process payments.

The Payment Module is a powerful tool for any business looking to gain revenue directly from their WiFi, but especially for large public venues (think stadiums, festivals, conference centers, etc.) that understand the costs associated with creating a large guest WiFi network. Venues can now monetize the investment into large WiFi infrastructures with GoZone’s Payments Module.


Offer Premium Access with Voucher Module

The Voucher Module allows venues to create 6-digit codes to be sold or given away to guests. Vouchers allow venues to offer different access levels to members, guests, VIPs, and so on, by generating a list of access vouchers. Generated voucher codes are exportable for simple and efficient sharing.

The Voucher Module provides a secondary method for venues to offer WiFi access to guests. For example, guest WiFi vouchers could be offered in exchange for:

  • Confirmed registration for a conference, event, or hotel stay
  • In-store purchase at a coffee shop, retailer, or restaurant
  • Memberships or loyalty programs at a brewery, coworking space, or fitness center

Vouchers can either be used to provide immediate access to guest WiFi, or to be applied toward a payment plan.


See Guest Plans in Action

Join our Product Marketing team to learn how Guest Plans can be used to drive additional revenue by utilizing the Payment and Voucher Modules of this new feature. Our webinar will be held on Thursday, May 02 at 2:00 pm EST. We hope to see you there.

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