Guest WiFi Captive Portal Solutions from GoZone WiFi

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Offering your guest easy wifi access can benefit your business in numerous ways. GoZone WiFi’s Advanced Captive Portal makes it possible for guests to log in without a password. At the same time, it helps you gather data for marketing purposes.

This amazing feature is beneficial to both the guest and the vendors in so many ways.

Benefits to Guests

Guests at your facility get to enjoy a seamless Wi-Fi connection experience for the following reasons.

  • No need to input passwords: Advanced Captive Portal is built so that you do not need a password to access the wifi. You simply have to provide your data. This is less cumbersome for guests, as they no longer have to ask around for the password to the public wifi.
  • Fast and efficient: Due to the simple process of connecting to the wifi, it is fast to use and very efficient.
  • Venue engagement: Guests who wish to follow the venue on their social media platforms can do this, as they are suggested based on pop-ups. They can engage the venue and leave feedback and comments.
  • Deals and promos: Customers who have connected to the facility wifi and submitted their data would receive future emails with special offers and promos that they can take advantage of.
  • Security: The advanced captive portal is safe and secure as guests’ devices are isolated during connection.

Benefits of Advanced Captive Portal to Vendors

Apart from guests, the venue can also benefit from implementing the Advanced Captive Portal. Some of the advantages of this feature to vendors are;

  • There is no need to handle Wi-Fi passwords; The time spent handling Wi-Fi passwords can be used to do other things around the facility that would yield more revenue.
  • More Social Media Engagement: Guests are more likely to follow venues’ social media pages when using the advanced captive portal. This will increase visibility and lead to more customer acquisition and retention for the brand.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Using customers data, vendors can send out campaigns to encourage customers to revisit the facility and increase brand loyalty.

Who can Use GoZone WiFi Advanced Captive Portal?

Any business that has a wifi system can use it. This includes hotels, restaurants, recreational parks, event centers, museums, sports centers, and stadiums, to mention a few.

Customers usually expect wifi service at these locations, with so many of them experiencing peak periods. During these periods, it can be stressful to handle passwords, not to mention a bit frustrating for guests to input passwords repeatedly. Hence the advanced captive portal simplifies the entire process for guests and vendors.

With Advance Captive Portal, venues are sure to increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue generation while maintaining premium customer service and encouraging customer loyalty.