Marketing in the Health and Wellness Industry – Follow Popular Trends

Marketing in the Health and Wellness Industry – Follow Popular Trends featured image

Living a healthy life with plenty of exercise is always a popular trend. Everyone knows that eating healthy foods, getting a trainer, making meal plans, drinking water, going to the gym, participating in fitness classes, and other exercise and fitness lifestyles are good for you and that you should be doing one, some, or even all of those things. However, certain types of exercise and fitness are more popular at different times. There are trends within the health and wellness industry, and in order to effectively market your gym and fitness club, you need to pay attention to and follow popular fitness and marketing trends.

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Here are some of the health and wellness industry trends that have been more popular in 2016:


If you want to market your gym and fitness club effectively, you will highlight and encourage wearable fitness technology. Fitness gadgets like; smart watches, heart-rate monitors, step counters, smart glasses, GPS gadgets, and more are all the rage now and you would be wise to use that fact in your marketing tactics.

High Intensity Interval Training

More and more people are interested in short, high intensity workouts followed by short rest periods or High Intensity Interval Training. Utilize that knowledge in your gym and fitness club marketing.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training has become more popular – which means you will need to find a creative way to market this form of exercise within your gym, because you can do basic body weight training from home you will need to find a way to make it more appealing to do those things from the gym. This is where marketing personal trainers can really come in handy.

Other popular marketing trends in the health and wellness industry you should be paying attention to include:

High Quality Staff

If you have nice, friendly, and highly qualified staff working at your gym, you should use those benefits in your marketing.

Spa Services

Spa services are becoming a popular gym and fitness trend you need to be aware of while you plan your marketing strategy.

Pokémon Go

A very popular marketing trend that is happening now is to utilize Pokémon Go as a way to get foot traffic to your establishment. You can do the same thing with your gym and use the popular game as a way to encourage people to come workout while they catch Pokémon.

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