The Hidden Benefits of WiFi Advertising

The Hidden Benefits of WiFi Advertising featured image

On the surface, it may seem like the only advantage to WiFi advertising is getting your ads in front of your customers. That’s the obvious and most direct use. However, there are several unstated benefits that should not go unrecognized, as they could be the factors that edge out your competition.

1.)  Customer Loyalty

WiFi is an expectation in this day and age. And not just WiFi, but free WiFi. In the eyes of a market that is tied to their devices, a lack of easy Internet access is a serious fault. In an article by Fortune Magazine, surveys found that “charging for Internet is a vexation” for hotel customers. Increase loyalty and reputation by meeting customer expectations head-on.

2.) Targeted Messages

By receiving data through Social WiFi, you’re able to personalize your WiFi ads to the specific demographics accessing your connection and tailor them by region, time of day, length of visit, and more. In a world that is already inundated with ads, the more personalized you can make your message, the more likely it is to get heard.

3.) Testing Grounds

You no longer have to spend months researching, budgeting for, and packaging a complex marketing campaign only to have it fall flat in front of your audience. With WiFi advertising, you can use micro-campaigns to quickly test which ads work with which customers, how they’re engaging with your media, and where your customer relationship can be strengthened. Even better, because you get instant feedback at a low cost, you can get creative with your ads in order to surprise patrons and outmaneuver competitors.

These are just a few ways WiFi advertising can expand and enhance your business. For more ideas on how to use GoZone WiFi in your marketing strategy, give us a call today.