How to Get ROI from Your Hotel’s WiFi

How to Get ROI from Your Hotel’s WiFi featured image

Hotel owners and managers are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining a high standard. Among the many services that hotels offer is a wifi connection. It’s one thing to have stable wifi at your hotel, and it is another to get one that helps you save operational costs. It is also possible to use your hotel wifi to increase revenue by targeting the right customers.

However, to achieve these, you must be using a wifi network that supports data capturing and analytics and makes tracking easy. This is where the GoZone WiFi comes in. Apart from providing hotel guests with an efficient and seamless wifi network, GoZone WiFi also supports hotel businesses by ensuring that they get the best returns on their investment. Marketing4Wifi is a GoZone WiFi platform that automates data collection for marketing purposes. With this platform, hotels can acquire customer data when they connect to the wifi network to send marketing messages to strengthen customer relationships and build customer loyalty.

Benefits of Marketing4Wifi in Hotels

Marketing4Wifi allows hotels to achieve the following:

  • Gain insight into customer browsing patterns and trends
  • Schedule relevant email campaigns and track performance
  • Push out coupons and loyalty subscriptions to bring additional revenue

To make this even easier, GoZone WiFi has also created SecurePass, a feature of Marketing4WiFi that allows guests to connect multiple devices to a wifi network seamlessly. The connection is safe, easy and requires no third-party assistance or support staff. Additionally, SecurePass makes the entire check-in process contactless, and guests would not need to check in at the front desk physically.

How SecurePass contactless feature can help hotels improve revenue

As soon as guests use the contactless check-in method, a backend list is created for the management to send out promotional offers, event notifications, loyalty emails, and many other relationship management emails. You can also use this to send guests surveys so that their feedback may help improve the customer experience. For one-time guest users of your hotel services, the SecurePass contactless feature also allows you to collect their information for future wifi billing.

Due to remote working becoming increasingly common in recent times, many hotel guests come with multiple devices and require a speedy connection. Because of the all-inclusiveness of SecurePass, additional services would not be required to manage these scenarios where a larger-than-normal number of devices are registered in your hotel. Also, the transactional costs are low compared to when you integrate with multiple platforms through different platforms and carriers.

There will be no need for support staff to be hovering around, waiting to assist customers with their wifi connection. This can help you reduce staff expenses and allow available teams to focus on other revenue-generating services.

GoZone WiFi is every hotel’s management dream and the best bet to increase ROI. Your customers will be satisfied, staff will be more efficient, and the hotel stakeholders will generate a more significant profit due to improved data management and waste reduction.

With so many advantages awaiting those who implement Marketing4WiFi, it’s easy to see why hotel owners and managers are reaching out to GoZone WiFi to learn more. If you’re ready to take a step towards improving your hotel’s ROI, reach out to us today!