Improve Fan Experience with Smart WiFi

Improve Fan Experience with Smart WiFi featured image

Watching a sporting event with a speedy wifi connection is always an excellent experience. As a fan, one would want to take videos and selfies, upload them on social media, update loved ones via video chat, or just catch up on work emails. Poor wifi would make doing these things stressful and sometimes impossible. Good wifi is part of an optimal fan experience at any sports stadium.

Fans usually expect free wifi when watching sporting events; this is required for mobile ticketing and social media engagement throughout the game. Modern stadiums should have stable and reliable wifi that guests can count on.

Benefits of Good Stadium Wifi

Sports event centers require an excellent wifi network to make the fan experience worthwhile. Apart from keeping fans satisfied, a Smart WiFi platform implementation can increase sponsorship revenue and collect robust data for venue optimization.

  • Better customer experience: Smart WiFi will ensure that fans have a swell time while watching their favorite sport at your stadium. Based on data gathered, personalized splash pages could be made for better interactions. This would make customers loyal to your brand, as they enjoy optimized browsing.
  • Data Collection: A good wifi would enable you to collect relevant data for future marketing, survey, and traffic monitoring purposes. You can collect personal and demographic data that could help you improve operational efficiency. You could also analyze data in real-time and expand market reach.
  • User engagement: Fan engagement is necessary when hosting an event in a stadium. Most people watch games with their mobile phones, so the stadium management can use this to their advantage by pushing pop-ups on the wifi interface. Messages can also be sent to users to encourage them to purchase tickets or buy drinks. You can also send loyalty rewards to return customers or welcome newcomers on the platform.
  • Drive Sponsorship and concession sales: Sponsorship adverts can be more personal as they are pushed to customers’ devices for better value. Sponsors can also see the analytics metric in real-time to help inform better decisions. You can also drive concession sales on products and trends like food, local goods, health items, etc.


Using Smart WiFi at your Sports Venue

All your stadium needs can be solved by integrating GoZone’s Smart WiFi solution. This solution includes the Marketing4WiFi platform and SecurePass feature making it user-friendly while delivering value for venue owners. Fans can easily connect to the platform on multiple devices for a seamless experience.

GoZone’s Marketing4WiFi platform allows venues to capture necessary user information, push out and track coupons, increase customer loyalty via social media campaigns, emails, and SMS and control the wifi usage. It is an all-in-one solution and gives the best value for your money.

With our Smart WiFi solution, everything is more straightforward and easily accessible. Fans can engage their loved ones in real-time, and venue owners can enjoy optimized analytics and marketing opportunities for increased revenue. Every sports venue needs to implement a SmartWiFi solution for better efficiency and sales.