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Hotel and Hospitality

Your key to a better guest experience.

Improve your guest experience, increase loyalty return visits, and generate additional revenue — all from the guest WiFi you give away for free. Best of all, no more annoying passwords for guests to remember.

Your hotel guests expect free WiFi. It's no longer an amenity, it's as expected as fresh linens and room service. In fact, guests will try to access free WiFi within seven minutes of entering your property*. Give them the service and experience they crave while building a customer list of engaged visitors for remarketing and loyalty programs.

See how WiFi Marketing works in your industry.

Find out how to get more out of the guest WiFi you're giving away for free. Download your free copy of our eBook, Turn Up Revenue & Engagement with Free Guest WiFi.

Say goodbye to passwords.

With a captive portal Marketing4WiFi system, you don't have to give out guest WiFi passwords ever again.

Drive cross-department sales.

Cross-promote services within your establishment and with local vendors through a customized landing page. 

Control network usage.

Isolate guest devices, limit usage times, and block unwanted users — all from a user-friendly dashboard.

Increase rebook rate.

Send automated reminders and promotional messages segmented by guest type so every email is pitch-perfect.

Build on guest profiles.

Integrate with your property management system to build robust guest profiles.

Generate guest reviews.

Automated email messages remind guests to leave positive reviews on the top sites for your business.

Transform your hotel guest WiFi into a marketing and loyalty machine.

  • Automated SMS, email, and social campaigns
  • Custom WiFi login and landing pages
  • Trackable e-coupons
  • Customer data capture
  • Increased security, content filters and bandwidth limits
  • In-house system API integrations
mobile phone with Welcome message and login options

Bed & breakfast or international chain.

If there’s guest WiFi, we can unlock the marketing potential within.

*Source: Exceeding Customer Expectations: The Importance of Wireless and the Wi-Fi Password. Samsung Insights.