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Smart Cities

Connected communities are the future.

Get to know visitors and residents, drive community initiatives, and analyze traffic flow and trends.

City visitors and residents expect free WiFi. As the number of WiFi-enabled devices continues to grow, so does the demand for consistent access to WiFi. Give the visitors and residents what they want with a community network that unlocks analytics, marketing, and advertising potential for cities, businesses, and local stakeholders.

Our Community WiFi Initiative

A unique approach at helping communities through private and non-profit gpartnersships.

Keep it simple.

WiFi passwords are a thing of the past. Provide residents and visitors a simple, seamless, and branded login experience.

Gain deep insight.

Collect detailed city-wide demographics, analyze heat maps, and monitor traffic flow and trends.

Control usage.

Increase security, isolate guest devices, limit usage times, and block unwanted users - all from a centralized dashboard.

Boost economic development.

Use branded content to market  local business, drive app downloads, and communicate city initiatives.

Increase return visits.

Promote upcoming events and engage with visitors using campaigns based on customer behavior.

Share sponsored content.

Monetize infrastructure investments and advertise to a highly engaged mobile audience.


Boosting connectivity and community in the EDGE.

The downtown district of St. Petersburg, Florida wanted to reach their visitors, business, and residents in a mobile and engaging way.


The EDGE District and its businesses wanted to provide seamless connectivity to visitors while also promoting local events, sponsors, and collecting visitor data. Advertisers wanted a way to reach the young and growing metropolitan area through digital media. 


GoZone WiFi delivered a seamless and ubiquitious WiFi network throughout the District. The EDGE collects traffic data while businesses are able to remarket to guest and drive loyalty - and sponsors reach their target audience. That's what we call a win, win, win.

Build a community WiFi network and everyone wins.

  • Personalized SMS, email, and social campaigns
  • Custom WiFi login and landing pages
  • Heatmaps and detailed traffic counts
  • Customer behavior and data capture
  • Increased security, content filters, and bandwidth limits
  • In-house system API integrations
hotspot insights wifi dashboard

Downtown shopping district or entire smart cities.

If there's guest WiFi, we can unlock the revenue potential within.

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