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SecurePass: Turn-Key, Secure, Multi-Device Guest WiFi Access

GoZone is excited to introduce SecurePass — a turn-key secure multi-device management solution for seamless guest access at various facility types.

Current and future GoZone WiFi customers in outdoor recreational areas such as campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, state or national parks, and MDUs, smart buildings, convention facilities, and campus communities can immediately deploy this much-needed technology.

SecurePass™ offers the immediate ability to securely onboard multiple devices to guest WiFi networks quickly and easily.

And with the historical rise in demand as customers return to the outdoors and other public venues due to the pandemic, enterprise environments, property managers, operators, and reseller channel partners can now this service, ultimately providing a simple, seamless experience for their guests while keeping costs to a minimum.

SecurePass™ is truly a much-needed solution across many verticals. It complements GoZone’s strategic focus of delivering high-performance venue intelligence and guest engagement solutions to our enterprise and property management clients, as well as to our white label and reseller channel partners.

SecurePass Highlights:

  • The SecurePass multi-device management solution offers a way for venues to connect guest WiFi users’ devices that wouldn’t normally be able to connect using a traditional captive portal-based guest registration.
  • Offered as a usage-based subscription model, the solution offers self-service WiFi connectivity, so neither the venue nor an IT department must actively manage or create device profiles to support different user group levels.
  • SecurePass offers a full spectrum of guest access features and functionality, including free advertisement, payment or voucher-based service plans, self-provisioning, and dynamic password generation.
  • The solution also allows the management, registration, and onboarding of any smart or WiFi-enabled IoT device as easily as entering a home network WiFi password.
  • Passwords and guest registrations no longer need to be managed manually, and support time is dramatically reduced for enterprises, property managers, and operators.
  • SecurePass offers a seamless and simple way to securely manage the connectivity of many devices, with low transactional costs and the ability to optimize revenue and service while also reducing support calls and administrative efforts.

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