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Marketing4WiFi Features

Client-Level Features

WiFi Login Methods

Access Code
Advanced Email (First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthday, and Custom Fields)
Email Verification
SMS Text Verification
Opt-Out (MAC Address Only)
Double Opt-In


Guest Plan Voucher
Value Voucher

Hardware Integrations

Native Integrations, no Special Firmware Required
Mikrotik (With Remote Management Module)
Open Mesh/Datto (with Live Monitoring)
Ruckus Xclaim
Ubiquity UniFi
Cisco Meraki
Cisco Enterprise
Adtran Bluesocket
Samsung Enterprise
Aruba Instant On
IgniteNet Sparc

Other Integrations

Zapier-Operator Data
Zapier-Client Guest Data
Operator API
Client API
Constant Contact
Twilio SMS

Hotspot Insights

Hotspot Usage Analytics
Guest Usage Analytics
Device Usage Analytics
Guest Visit Durations
Peak Days
Peak Hours
Devices Used Chart
Login Method Analytics

Guest Insights

Guest Profiles with Social Links
Top Guests
Guest Visit Analysis
Demographics-Age Groups

Campaign Analytics

Smart Email Counts
Smart Email Campaign Read Rates
Coupon Redemption ROI Value
Coupon Statistics


Revenue Report
Export Revenue Report
Gateway Monitoring
Mikrotik Remote Management
Mikrotik Monitoring and Alerting
Guest Connection Report Generator
Export to Excel/CSV
Operator-Client Summary
Hotspot Summary
Connection Summary
Guest Summary
SMS Counts
Weekly Client Usage Reports
Export New/Returning Guest Lists (Excel/CSV)
Export Connections (Excel/CSV)

Contact Manager

Contact Filters
– Tag
– Gender
– Postal Code
– City
– State/Province
– Country
– Connection/Presence History
Export Contact List
Import Contact List
Add/Edit Contacts
View Contact Profiles
– Activity Log
– Campaign Log
– Coupon Log
– Custom Data
Sync Contact Profile to Guest Profile


Add Tag
Edit Tag
View Number of Contacts per Tag
Export Tag List

White-Label Features

Client Management
De-activate/Activate Client
Client User Management
Client Permission Control
Operator Plans Management
Operator Billing Page
Operator SMTP Server Settings
Operator Users
Hotspot/Venue Management
Gateway/Hardware Management
Splash Page Management
Reseller Management
Timezone Management


Payment Integrations
– Authorize.Net
– Stripe
– WePay
– Square
Accepted Payment Methods
– MasterCard
– Discover
– American Express
– EFT/Wire Transfer
– PayPal
– Google Pay
– Apple Pay

Client Level Branding

Custom Dashboard Logo
Custom Splash Headers
Custom Terms and Conditions
Custom Facebook API
Facebook User Birthday Support
Custom Twitter API
Custom LinkedIn API
Custom Instagram API
Custom Twilio SMS API

Client Permissions

Reseller/Sub Account
User Permission Control
Hide Menus
Location-Level Access

Splash Pages/Captive Portal

Guest Plan Selection
Custom Captive Portal System
Drag and Drop Editor
Guest Flow with Multi-Layer Splash Page
Survey and Form Builder
Full HTML Editor with Inline CSS
New Guest and Return Guest Pages
Splash Page Templates
Custom Venue Images
Custom Promo Images
Custom Backgrounds
Custom Venue Text
Custom Terms and Conditions
Background Image Uploader
3rd Party Ad Scripts
Social Selection
Multi-Lingual (EN,ES,FR,DE,AR,HI)
Custom Guest Data Fields
Integrated Ad Spaces with URL Redirect (Ads4WiFi)

Guest Control

Remember Guest by MAC (Entire network)
Custom Session Time Limits (Device-Level)
Custom Session Idle Limits (Device-Level)
Custom Download Speed Limits (Device-Level)
Custom Upload Speed Limits (Device-Level)
Block Guest by MAC-Permanent
Block Guest by MAC-Expiration Date
Email Address Banning
Guest Flagging (Re-Auth)

Hotspot/Venue Control

Guest Plans
– Custom Session Time Limits
– Custom Session Idle Limits
– Custom Download Speed Limits
– Custom Upload Speed Limits
– Custom Pricing
Location Mapping
AP/Gateway Inventory
Connection Method Selection
Custom Redirect URL
Redirect to 3rd Party Advertisements
Custom Redirect on Birthday
Custom Session Time Limits
Custom Session Idle Limits
Custom Download Speed Limits
Custom Upload Speed Limits
Time and Day Scheduler
QR Code Generator (Best for Touchless Menu)

Automated Campaigns

Personalized to Guest
Email Campaign Rules
Email Campaign Gender Rule
Twitter Campaign Rules
SMS Campaign Rules
Coupon Campaign Rules
Coupon Delivery via Email Campaign Rules (via “Email Builder”)
Automated Birthday Campaigns
Loyalty Campaigns
Number of Visits
Bring-Back Campaigns
Instant Email/SMS and Post to Twitter
Presence Campaign Rules (Proximity ‘seen’ and ‘leave’)

Support  & Training

Operator Support Knowledgebase
Client Support Knowledgebase
Support Videos
Email Ticket Support
Operator Telephone Support
Live Training Webinars
One-on-One Customized Training

Scheduled Campaigns

Guest Select Contacts via Tags
Schedule Campaign for “Now”
Schedule Campaign for Specific Date and Time
Schedule Campaign for “Yearly”
Schedule Email Campaign
Schedule SMS Campaign
Schedule Twitter Campaign
Email Campaign Template (via “email Builder”)
Merge Codes

Contact Manager Reports

Contact Summary
Contact Tag Summary

Campaign Summary

Scheduled Email Counts
Scheduled Email Percentage
Scheduled Email Unsubscribe Number
Scheduled SMS Counts
Scheduled Tweet Counts
Smart Email Counts
Smart Email Open Percentage
Smart Email Unsubscribe Number
Smart SMS Counts
Smart Tweet Counts
Redeemed Coupon Counter

*Certain features are available specifically to certain Marketing4WiFi plans.