Smarter contact management powered by smart WiFi.

Contact Manager offers you the tools to schedule email & SMS campaigns, build & automatically sync lists, sort through contacts, and improve efforts to increase sales.



Simple Contact Management

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Smart Custom Tagging


Effortless Profile Syncing

Efficiently Import Contacts

Upload existing contacts into the contact manager with a simple file import. Merge duplicate records to ensure an updated database.

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Add Contact-Laptop

Create New Contacts in Seconds

Add new contacts and include all the important profile information needed for successful email marketing.

Comprehensive and Progressive Profiling

Sync contact profiles with guest WiFi profiles to gain a detailed understanding of guest behavior, demographics, and loyalty.

Ready for a smarter contact manager?

Add Tags for Smarter Contact Sorting

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GoZone’s tagging system sorts and groups your contacts into different lists so marketing campaigns can reach specific audiences for optimal engagement.

Section Out Contacts with Smart Filters

Once you've applied your tags, take your contact sorting even further with specific filter options.

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Schedule Campaign-Tags-Laptop

Engage with Specific Contacts and Email Lists

The smart tagging system helps you sort through contacts to create a precise email list for efficient email marketing.

Ready to simplify your contact sorting?

Create Custom Facebook Audiences


GoZone WiFi’s Audience builder allows you to build lookalike audiences to promote your business. This is audience is a group of prospects that is likely to be more engaged in your content and ads, leading you to higher conversions.


Easily Add an Audience to Facebook

Sync your Contact data to a Facebook Ads Account Audience based on the Tag groups available in your Contact Manager profile.




Ready to start building your audience?


Use A/B testing to improve email marketing.


Why Choose GoZone WiFi?


Trackable Growth

By pairing Contact Manager with GoZone's Marketing4WiFi platform, your contact list will grow in no time as guests interact with your WiFi network. A feature no other contact manager platform can offer.


Safe and Secure Data

The data you collect and enter into your dashboard is exactly that - yours. We will never export, sell, or duplicate the data you generate from Precision Marketing. That's the GoZone guarantee.


In-House Support Team

GoZone's support staff is located right here in the U.S.A. So any questions you may have while using our platform are handled at a moment's notice.

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