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Precision Marketing

Simple and smart email marketing powered by guest WiFi.

Precision Marketing offers you the tools to create smarter email marketing efforts and optimize those campaigns with insightful reporting.


Action-Base Campaign Triggers


Scheduled Email Campaigns

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In-Depth Campaign Summary and Report

Ready for a smarter email marketing experience?

Send Emails Based on Guest WiFi Actions


GoZone’s Smart Campaign send out specific email campaigns based on guest's interaction with a venue's WiFi network. Send welcome emails to new guests, loyalty emails to returning guests, and more.

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Schedule Email Campaigns for Specific Mailing Lists

Save time by scheduling campaigns in advance for specific email lists. Choose the specific date and time to optimize for best results.

Engage with Specific Contacts and Email Lists

The smart tagging system powered by Contact Manager helps you sort through contacts to create a precise email list for all your scheduled campaigns.

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Ready to start adding precision to your email marketing?

Precision Reporting to Optimize Marketing Efforts

Campaign Summary-Laptop

GoZone's campaign summary tool provides you the data to understand which marketing campaigns are being left unread, and which are driving engagement.

Use A/B testing to improve email marketing.

Why Choose GoZone WiFi?


Trackable Growth

By pairing Precision Marketing with GoZone's Marketing4WiFi platform, your email marketig will grow as you create Smart campaigns and scheduled emails. A feature no other e-blast platform can offer.


Safe and Secure Data

The data you collect and enter into your dashboard is exactly that - yours. We will never export, sell, or duplicate the data you generate from Precision Marketing. That's the GoZone guarantee.


In-House Support Team

GoZone's support staff is located right here in the U.S.A. So any questions you may have while using our platform are handled at a moment's notice.

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