Smarter SMS marketing powered by smart WiFi.

Increase customer engagement, return visits, and product purchases with engaging and targeted SMS campaigns.


Personalized SMS Messages

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Triggered and Scheduled Campaigns

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Engaging Digital SMS Coupons

Smart SMS Builder

Create a variety of SMS campaigns in matter of minutes. Include name merge codes to add a touch of personalization to your SMS messaging.

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Timely Trigger Campaigns 

Send out specific SMS messages based on guest WiFi actions. For example: first time connections, multiple connections, non-return visitors, and more.

Promotional Scheduled Campaigns

Promote specific offers and specials with scheduled SMS campaigns powered by Contact Manager. Segment out your SMS contacts into specific lists with smart a smart tagging feature.


Add Digital Coupons to Increase Engagement

Marketing4WiFi's digital coupon builder provides an engaging and modern coupon experience for SMS recipients. Going digital also helps to limit paper waste and eliminate coupon fraud.


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Why Choose GoZone WiFi?


Trackable Growth

By pairing SMS marketing with GoZone's Marketing4WiFi platform, your SMS contact list will grow in no time as guests interact with your WiFi network. A feature no other contact SMS marketing platform can offer.


Safe and Secure Data

The data you collect from the Marketing4WiFi is exactly that - yours. We will never export, sell, or duplicate the data you generate from Precision Marketing. That's the GoZone guarantee.


In-House Support Team

GoZone's support staff is located right here in the U.S.A. So any questions you may have while using our platform are handled at a moment's notice.

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