Stop the Guessing and Start the Knowing with WiFi Insights

You need key insights from your guests to tell you how to improve business operations and increase customer engagement. With data collection tools powered through Marketing4WiFi, you gain pertinent information needed to know your average guest and create engaging marketing efforts they want to be a part of.

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Summary Dashboard for Insights at a Glance

View key insights of your guests and their interactions with your WiFi network

with a 15-Day comparison.

View Key Comparison Data and Guest Data:

  • New Guests
  • Repeat Guests
  • Total WiFi Connections Made
  • Top WiFi Guests
  • Age Demographic of Guests
  • Device Demographics (Android, Apple, Windows)

Hotspot Insights

Hotspot Insights provides key data in terms of how guests interact with guest WiFi. With Hotspot Insights, you’ll gain valuable knowledge in the following areas:

  • Device Connections
  • Visit Duration
  • Peak Days
  • Peak Hours
  • Devices Used
  • Connection Method

Use the data from Hotspot Insights to improve a variety of business operations and marketing efforts. Peak Days and Peak Hours help to improve marketing efforts and increase customer traffic on slow days. Visit Duration will show you if customers are spending time at your location that fits your business models.

Guest Insights

Guest Insights helps you get a better understanding of your customers. Track your top WiFi users for loyalty purposes, see average visits in a day, and review guest demographics.

  • Top Visitor Tracker
  • See Average for Guest Visits
  • Review Guest Demographics
Top Visits

With Guest Insights, you can take powerful data and apply it to building an in-depth customer persona.

Build Customer Personas for Better Marketing

A customer persona is a creative model that showcases key traits, demographics, needs, and pain points of an average customer.

Campaign Insights

Campaign Insights

Offer Simple and Efficient insights for your WiFi marketing efforts. Track emails sent by Hotspot, Campaign, with a visual donut chart on read rates.

Track Coupon attached to emails as well based on coupons issues, viewed, and redeemed.


A/B Test Everything for Better Email Marketing

A/B testing removes the guesswork in favor of data-driven decisions. It takes what you think you know about your email readers and shows you what actually drives engagement based on data.

Learn more about WiFi insights for your  business.

Whether you're a small coffee shop or a large event arena, WiFi insights has the tools to gather powerful data and help make the most of your business.

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