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Our platforms are cloud-based, hardware agnostic and work independently or together as a comprehensive suite.

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Get to know your customers, and keep them coming back for more. Marketing4WiFi gives venues the power to gather customer data through guest WiFi, then deliver targeted and timely messages to build lasting customer relationships.

  • Increase customer loyalty with automated email, SMS, and social campaigns
  • Reinforce your brand with fully customizable login and landing pages
  • Build on in-house systems and remarket to guests with multiple API integrations
  • Drive sales with trackable and redeemable coupon campaigns
  • Analyze detailed user demographics with social data collection
  • Control WiFi usage with tools to limit bandwidth and filter content
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Start reaping the benefits of Smart WiFi with ease. Our platforms are fully-integrated with the following hardware platforms for hassle-free implementation.

Small business or mega-venue. If there’s guest WiFi, we can unlock the marketing potential within.

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Monetize the guest WiFi you give away for free! Our Ads4WiFi platform enables WiFi providers to earn direct revenues through WiFi advertising, while enabling advertisers to reach a highly engaged mobile audience. Sell or manage your own ads - or we will share the revenue and manage them for you.

  • Easily create and manage WiFi display and video ads within a single user-friendly platform
  • Provide management access and ROI visibility to advertisers with built-in advertiser portal
  • Track revenue, campaign delivery and conversions with real-time analytics
  • Serve the right ads to the right customers at the right time, with intelligent and geo-targeted campaign management
  • Display location-specific marketing content and ads with customized landing page creator
  • Use with any existing captive portal system for quick and easy setup
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Let us show you how easy it is to monetize the guest WiFi you’ve been giving away for free.

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Know more so you can do more. The Analytics4WiFi platform captures and analyzes comprehensive presence and behavior data collected over guest WiFi networks. Understand how visitors interact with a space, and interpret that data to strategically improve business operations.

  • Discover traffic patterns in and around a location with visitor and passerby insights
  • Measure customer loyalty with new and return visitor counts
  • Target specific locations within a venue with tools to define geo-zones
  • Visualize how traffic flows throughout a space with heat mapping
  • Stay in the know as traffic patterns change with real-time alerts
  • Analyze behavior trends and performance of marketing efforts with dwell-time reporting
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Ready to harness the power of data hidden in
your guest WiFi?