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A GoZone WiFi Affiliate is an evangelist for our product. They will refer customers to GoZone WiFi, who create their own accounts with an affiliate code so we know who referred them. Affiliates are paid on commission by GoZone WiFi and will receive 10% recurring commissions on qualified services.
Examples of affiliate partners: boutique marketing agencies, bloggers, SME website owners, aggregators, online communities, e-commerce website, freelancers etc.

Affiliate Partner FAQ

What is the discount structure for Affiliate Partners?

You will receive a 10% commission for any orders submitted to us using your affiliate link. You should have received information regarding your specific partner discounts through an email you received before. If not, please contact us and we will re-send the partner email that contains that information.

How are customers invoiced?

Retail subscription plan orders are entered directly into our system and we invoice the customer directly. You then get a commission payment from us.

Can I charge my customers a different price for your service?

No. Our system will invoice at our regular retail service plan rates.

Do you supply the required hardware?

Yes, when your customer places and order they select the desired hardware and we configure and ship it directly to the customer.

What qualifies as a high-volume location?

Any venue that will have more than 2,500 device connections per month is considered a high-volume venue such as (airports/hotels/event centers). A typical restaurant/bar/club gets 1,000 connections per month. A very busy restaurant in a tourist location could receive significantly more. There are overage fees beyond 2500 connections.

Can I become a partner if I'm located outside of the United States?

Yes, absolutely! If you are a referral agent, you simply point potential customers to the shopping cart link that we send to you upon sign up.

Will I receive an order link for my website?

Yes. Affiliate Partners will receive an affiliate link that will automatically track order that are referred by you from your website(s).

When will I receive payment for commissions?

Affiliate Partners will be paid through PayPal or by check. Commissions are sent at your request through the portal as long as the amount due to you exceeds $50. If you’re in the United States, we must have a signed IRS Form W9 on file before any commissions can be paid.

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