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Cambium Networks offers secure and reliable wireless broadband solutions for customers around the world. Our mission is to connect the unconnected globally.


GoZone has partnered with Cambium Networking to deliver customized solutions to smart cities and communities, retail, hospitality, and large public venues.


Why Partners Choose Cambium and GoZone

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Stand apart from the competition with exceptional network performance and tools to generate lasting customer relationships.

GoZone Marketing Services

Gain access to GoZone’s expert business development, marketing,  and technical teams to you help reach and exceed your goals.

Reach New Industries

Specialized for communities, retail and hospitality, GoZone and Cambium deliver integrated solutions that solve your customers' pain points.

Reliable Access Points

Cambium's access points are deployed worldwide, serving critical applications in formidable environments for the world’s most demanding users. 

Acquire New Customers

Attract new venues looking for advanced customer insights. In return, provide the ability to collect ROI on infrastructure investments. 

Simple Deployment

GoZone's WiFi analytics, advertising and marketing platforms are seamlessly integrated with Cambium Networks.

Benefits for Smart Cities, Communities, Retail and Hospitality

Seamless Guest WiFi Solution

Deliver a guest WiFi solution that unlocks digital marketing potential, drives customer loyalty and enables guest engagement. 

Deep Customer Analytics

Leverage location analytics paired with demographic data to create a detailed customer profile with traffic patterns.

Powerful Remarketing Tools

Automated remarketing saves time and drives ROI. Multi-site retail maintains brand consistency while enabling location-specific promotions.

Better User Experience

Offer a better customer experience with a simple login process. Personalize the customer experience to increase loyalty.

Simple and Intiutive

Customer-facing dashboards are easy-to-use and designed to get the job done. Easily integrate with existing systems.

Community WiFi

GoZone and Cambium have partnered to delivery holistic solutions to help bridge the digital divide in our cities and communities.

Features and Functionality

Advanced Captive Portal

Turn guest WiFi into a digital billboard with guest flow. Display one or multiple splash pages to your guests to enhance the experience and engage with customers.

Guest Insights

Get to know your customers and keep them coming back for more. Access detailed demographic data, visit history, top customers, and more.

Advertising and Revenue Reports

Ads4WiFi enables WiFi providers to earn additional revenue through WiFi advertising while enabling advertisers to reach a highly engaged mobile audience.

Contact Management

Sync contact profiles with guest WiFi profiles to gain a detailed understanding of guest behavior, demographics, and loyalty.

Marketing Automation

Send automated email, SMS and social campaigns based on guest behavior. Trigger personalized messaging based on guest actions.

Location Analytics

Understand how guests move through a venue with location analytics. Improve a variety of business operations and marketing efforts.

Cambium Networks Case Study

Transforming Businesses and the Community in St. Petersburg, Florida

GoZone and Camibum aimed to bridge the digital divide for residents who lack adequate internet access by creating a free resource within the city. Equally important, they wanted to help local businesses grow and thrive by implementing a Wi-Fi marketing solution.

“The EDGE Wi-Fi network aims to provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity as residents and visitors move through the vibrant downtown district, as well as promote and connect local businesses to grow.”

Todd Myers

CEO, GoZone WiFi