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Ruckus Wireless is redefining connectivity by bridging the digital divide and connecting people around the world. 


GoZone is proud to be an Enterprise Ruckus Alliance Partner. Together, Commscope and GoZone deliver exceptional cloud-managed Wi-Fi, elevated end-user experiences, venue intelligence and meaningful guest engagement.

Benefits for VARs and MSPs

Increase Customer Retention

Build meaningful customer relationships by delivering an exceptional guest Wi-Fi solution with Commscope and GoZone. 

GoZone Marketing Services

Gain access to GoZone’s expert business development, marketing,  and technical teams to you help reach and exceed your goals.

Differentiate Services

Elevate your business services with access to revenue-generating tools. Bring added value to your clients, and win more business as a result.

Sell to New Industries

Position your business in more industries with access to best-in-class networking hardware and marketing and analytics software.

Acquire New Customers

Attract new venues looking for advanced customer insights. In return, provide the ability to collect ROI on infrastructure investments. 

Excellent Customer Support

By partnering with GoZone and Ruckus, you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy professional services from both teams.

Benefits for Venues

Seamless Guest WiFi Solution

Offer physical venues a best-in-class Wi-Fi solution that unlocks digital marketing potential, drives customer loyalty and enables guest engagement. 

Deep Customer Analytics

Deliver valuable customer analytics in real-time. Identify guests and analyze behavior patterns to incentivize loyalty. Insights collected can be used to grow business through loyalty, awarenes and promotions.

Powerful Remarketing Tools

Empower venues with an automated remarketing tool, saving time and resources. Multi-site venues maintain brand consistency while enabling location-specific promotions.

Better User Experience

Offer a seamless connectivity experience for customers with a simple login process; allow unique access levels to members or VIPs with vouchers. Personalize the customer experience to increase loyalty.

Simple and Intiutive

Provision, monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network with consumer-grade simplicity via a single web dashboard or mobile application. 

Exceptional Performance

Enjoy exceptional network performance even under challenging circumstances with Ruckus' enterprise-grade hardware. Solutions for indoor and outdoor and flexibility to serve venues of all sizes.

Features and Functionality

Advanced Captive Portal

Turn guest WiFi into a digital billboard with guest flow. Display one or multiple splash pages to your guests to enhance the experience and engage with customers.

Guest Insights

Get to know your customers and keep them coming back for more. Access detailed demographic data, visit history, top customers, and more.

Advertising and Revenue Reports

Ads4WiFi enables WiFi providers to earn additional revenue through WiFi advertising while enabling advertisers to reach a highly engaged mobile audience.

Contact Management

Sync contact profiles with guest WiFi profiles to gain a detailed understanding of guest behavior, demographics, and loyalty.

Marketing Automation

Send automated email, SMS and social campaigns based on guest behavior. Trigger personalized messaging based on guest actions.

Presence Data

Understand how guests move through a venue with location analytics. Improve a variety of business operations and marketing efforts.


Powering WiFi at The World's Largest Boat Show

GoZone and Ruckus Wireless partnered with QXC Communications and Informa to power guest WiFi at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Onboarding was made easy with GoZone’s platform and the FLIBS app gave the exhibitors all the information needed.

Wendy Stanton

Customer Advocacy Manager, Ruckus Wireless