Congratulations! You’ve just taken the next step toward growing your business as a GoZone WiFi Reseller. We want to make sure you have everything you need to get started, so we answered our most common questions bellow. If you need additional assistance, have questions about our solutions, or would like to provide feedback, please contact your assigned consultant. We’re here to help.

[accordion title=”What do I charge my customers?”]

Anything you’d like. It’s your business so you can charge whatever makes sense for your business model. If you need help determining what to charge, your GoZone consultant or Account Manager can help out.


[accordion title=”How are my customers invoiced?”]

However you normally invoice your customers today. We bill you and you bill your customers.


[accordion title=”Do you supply the required hardware?”]

It depends. When you place a reseller order, you are given the option to supply the hardware or have us supply the hardware. Many of our resellers are integrators and already have distributor and technical staff that are qualified to setup, install and support the equipment that is compatible with our platform. If we supply the hardware, it will be pre-setup and shipped either directly to the reseller or the customer, per your request.


[accordion title=”Can I use my own branding?”]

Yes. Private-label and White Label partners can customize the Dashboard logo, Splash pages, header images and even brand the e-mail address that reports and Smart emails are sent from. As a white-label reseller, you will have additional branding options such as the social login options with your own API Apps and the domain URL for the Splash/Connect pages and the URL of the dashboard.


[accordion title=”Can I switch from Private Label to White Label in the future?”]

Yes you can switch to one of our White Label programs in the future. Depending on how you may change branding, you may need to reconfigure gateway equipment that you have deployed in the field. Please check with your GoZone consultant or Account Manager for details.


[accordion title=”Who handles my customer support issues?”]

In order to maintain the on-going relationship that you have with your client, you will handle any support issues that may arise, however, we’re here to help you with any pre or post sales support issues (via support ticket) you may have. We also have extensive knowledgebases that you and your customers can use for self-support.