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Ruckus Wireless + GoZone WiFi

Ruckus Wireless is redefining connectivity by bridging the digital divide and connecting people around the world. 


GoZone WiFi and Ruckus Wireless Overview


Powering WiFi at The World's Largest Boat Show

GoZone and Ruckus Wireless partnered with QXC Communications and Informa to power guest WiFi at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Onboarding was made easy with GoZone’s platform and the FLIBS app gave the exhibitors all the information needed.

Wendy Stanton

Customer Advocacy Manager, Ruckus Wireless

Available Integrations

  • Ruckus Unleashed
  • Ruckus ZoneDirector
  • Ruckus vSZ
  • Ruckus xClaim

Features & Functionality

  • Presence Data
  • Captive Portal Branding
  • Session Profiles
  • Custom Redirects