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Partner Webinars and Workshops


Topic-specific sessions hosted by subject matter experts.


Comprehensive training opportunities led by GoZone WiFi platform specialists.

Webinar Library

Setting the Dashboard Foundation for You and Your Clients

Ready to get the most out of Smart WiFi? Learn about the specific components of the dashboard that are crucial for the success to both you and your clients.

WiFi Analytics: Bridging IT and Marketing Departments

Your clients' marketing department needs analytics, they have the budget to pay for it, and with a Smart WiFi solution, you have the platform that delivers.

Presence Analytics: The Real Market Opportunity

Learn about presence analytics and how the collection, analysis and reporting of data offers an opportunity for clients to make better business decisions and generate revenue.

GoZone Resources: Welcome to the Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is your tool for bringing in more clients. Learn how to navigate through the different resources and how to showcase the ROI Calculator.

Training the Trainer: How to Train Your Clients

Knowing how to effectively train someone on the dashboard is key for new clients to be successful. Learn the ins and outs of the Smart WiFi dashboard to better train new clients on the platform

New Feature Release: Enhanced Guest Flow and Form Builder

Find out how GoZone is changing the way captive portals are used by enhancing marketing potential and refining user experience with Guest Flow and Form Builder.