Professional Services Policies:
Usage of GoZone professional services constitutes customer’s acceptance of GoZone’s Professional Services Policy. We offer 3 types of Professional Services, (1) One-Time Bundled Services such as our Smart Launch service, (2) Managed Services, which are billing on a recurring basis, and (3) Hourly services for out-of-scope support or overages.

Special note regarding signed agreements: If you entered into a signed agreement for your services please review your agreement for specific terms relating to your obligations in addition to this Professional Services Policy. In the event the terms of your signed agreement conflict with these terms, the signed agreement will prevail.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all services are set up on a prepaid basis, and payment must be received by GoZone before any managed service product and service is provided/activated.

Subscription Billing:
All Managed Services (recurring subscriptions and service fees) are automatically invoiced and charged per the GoZone Billing Policy.

Past due accounts may result in professional support services being suspended after the invoice due date until balance is paid in full. When suspended, all managed services will be disabled. Suspended services will continue to incur monthly service fees while suspended.

Upgrades/Downgrades of Service:
There are no refunds or credits for amounts already invoiced, setup fees, partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with any Service(s).

GoZone Services:
All ordered professional services purchased from GoZone must be used within the time-frame specified with ordered service at the time of purchase.  Unused managed services are nonrefundable.

If you subscribe to our marketing support services and marketing resources or messages are not successfully attained from you or through our regular communications, GoZone may review your social media channels, website or other public resources to identify the latest specials or posted upcoming events to fulfill marketing service obligations.

Smart Launch Services must be used within 60 days from order date and coaching sessions limited to up to 30 minutes per session.

Service Hours:
Professional services that include monthly prepaid time will be available for use within a calendar month.  Managed service time exceeding the monthly prepaid time will be charged an overage fee based on the current GoZone service hourly rate.

Professional services that are scheduled in advance will be counted towards the monthly prepaid time.  Unless you reschedule or cancel a scheduled professional service prior to the scheduled time, you will still be charged for the scheduled time against your monthly prepaid time.

Unused managed service time for the month do not carry over to subsequent months.

Support provided for Professional Services are subject to the GoZone Support Policy.

Cancellation Process:
Cancellation requests must be submitted per the GoZone Billing Policy.

Account Adjustments:
Account adjustments are subject to GoZone approval.

Updates to this Policy:
We may update this Policy from time to time. If we make any changes to this Policy, we will change the “effective date” below and will post the updated Policy on this page ( Continuing to use our Services after we publish changes to this Professional Service Policy means you are consenting to these changes.

If you wish to unsubscribe from e-mail communication from GoZone WiFi, you may e-mail us at Additionally, most of our email distributions contain an “unsubscribe” link. If you have questions or comments about this Billing Policy or the practices of GoZone WiFi, you may contact us at

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us at or by writing to us at:

GoZone WiFi LLC
PO Box 12275
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Effective dateMarch 1st, 2020

You should receive a text shortly with a link to view a sample Guest Flow.

Take a look at the sample we just sent you, and feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

Custom Splash Page Builder

A custom splash page helps give a captive portal the branded look it needs to stand out from the crowd and give guests the peace of mind they’re accessing the network associated with the venue they’re visiting.

WiFi Payments and Vouchers

Offer premium guest WiFi access and promote WiFi upgrades with comprehensive payment and voucher modules. Payments can be used to offer guests varying speeds of WiFi access, while vouchers are great for venues that want to utilize a captive portal that also requires a voucher code for WiFi access.
WiFi payments and vouchers

Guest Plans

Venues can now offer multiple levels of guest WiFi access with our Guest Plan feature. Guest Plans are defined by specific upload and download speeds and session time limits. Brick-and-mortar businesses can offer guest WiFi access and promote WiFi upgrades with our new payment and voucher modules.

Versatile Form Builder

Create and display custom guest surveys on any splash page of your guest flow. Collect feedback and gather additional data points to create smarter marketing.

Enhanced Guest Flow

Guest flow gives venues complete control over the guest WiFi experience. Guest flows help keep a visually pleasing captive portal experience by preventing clutter of multiple marketing assets. Keep it simple, or turn your WiFi into a digital billboard.
WiFi splash page with survey social login

Integrated Ad Spaces

Ad Space Integrations is a powerful feature for venues who want to promote products, deals and specials, online shopping, loyalty programs and other signups, or third-party advertisers all on a pre-authenticated Splash Page.

Increase impressions and clicks for advertising opportunities by showcasing AdSpaces before requiring a guest to connect to WiFi.

Have an app that needs more downloads? The URL redirect function will navigate guests to the app store specific to their device as soon as they click on the advertisement/call-to-action button.

No more will guests have to wait to connect to WiFi to reach interactive ads. Ad Space Integrations takes Ads4WiFi smart advertising tools and places it our smart marketing environment powered by Marketing4WiFi.

Hotspot Scheduler

Determine the specific days and times that WiFi is available to guests. Hotspot Scheduler offers smarter WiFi control by allowing venues to run their guest WiFi during business hours.