Most business owners simply don't know how to effectively capture, analyze, and leverage customer data. They struggle to piece data together from receipts, multiple spreadsheets, and memory. It wastes valuable time and, let's be honest, it's frustrating.

Business owners deserve easy access to data like:

  • Customer Visits
  • Length of Stay
  • Coupon Redemption
  • Social Engagement
hotspot insights wifi dashboard

We understand how important this data is to make marketing and operational decisions. That's why we created the Smart WiFi platform. Easy-to-use WiFi marketing, advertising, and analytics tools that take the guesswork out of data collection and digital marketing. With over 20 years building WiFi technologies, we know how much data is available every time a customer connects.


Our Smart WiFi solutions can deliver you new and repeat business, but don't take our word for it. Take these real-world examples from actual GoZone customers.

  • 5,000 New Customer Emails (Ferg's Sports Bar)
  • 15,000 Repeat Customers (American Social Kitchen + Bar)
  • 12% Social Media Growth  (American Social Kitchen + Bar)

Here's how it works:


You sign up for GoZone and install one of our Smart controllers. (Don't worry, we'll help with this part.)

Customers access your WiFi through a captive portal, sharing their email or social account information with you in the process. 

You get a customer list AND powerful marketing tools all in one place!

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Stop wasting time and money on marketing campaigns with no return on investment. Stop feeling frustrated over a lack of critical customer data. 

Capture email addresses and social accounts. Identify your top customers and their buying preferences. Launch email, social, and coupon campaigns that work. 

Transform your guest WiFi from a cost into a profit center. It's possible with Smart WiFi.