The ubiquitous access to online consumer behavioral data and subsequently micro-targeted marketing capabilities has allowed online retailers to reframe the buying process, demanding that in-store retailers keep up. Physical stores are forced to find ways to understand and engage with their customers while they’re visiting to predict purchases, improve customer experiences, and re-market effectively.

GoZone WiFI CEO Todd Myers takes a deep dive into Retail WiFi analytics, presenting a solution for brick-and-mortar businesses trying to close the gap between offline and online visibility.  In partnership with Marcum Technology, we are proud to present an overview of WiFi analytics, including marketing, advertising, and presence data that can be used to refine business operations and earn additional revenues. 

With WiFi presence analytics, retailers can utilize WiFi networks to strategically refine operations by interpreting real-time footfall, heat maps, new versus returning visitor patterns, traffic flow, and dwell times. This data helps define areas of high visibility, evaluate effectiveness of specific promotions, and inform product placement for more effective selling. 

Analytics collected over retail guest WiFi transforms the way that marketers build lasting customer relationships. Retailers can now analyze customer loyalty, instantly connect with shoppers over social media, and sending targeted marketing campaigns based on detailed customer demographics and behavior. 

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