SecurePass by GoZone WiFi Onboards Multiple Devices

SecurePass by GoZone WiFi Onboards Multiple Devices featured image

For businesses to thrive, they need to provide customers with basic amenities like good WiFi. Good WiFi will help you increase your customer base and keep them coming back. Many public spaces, restaurants, and hotels have found that having good WiFi is why they can retain many of their clients. GoZone WiFi ensures that guests’ WiFi experience remains seamless to drive business growth. Therefore, it introduced the SecurePass feature that helps with easy WiFi connection.

SecurePass is a turn-key secure multi-device management solution for facilities that require smooth WiFi access for their clients. SecurePass is designed for hospitality businesses and outdoor recreational spaces, including campgrounds, marinas, parks, MDUs, smart buildings, resorts, and education communities, among many others.

One of the most significant advantages of SecurePass is that it allows guests to connect multiple devices easily to the guest WiFi. It saves time and unnecessary cost of purchasing more complex WiFi integration systems.

Advantages of SecurePass

Easy connection

Guests love to connect to WiFi with just one click, and SecurePass has made this possible. By simply inputting the password, you can add any of your devices to the network and begin browsing. It is that easy! No need for support staff or any extra plugins.

Better management

Venues and facilities do not require staff to be on standby to help guests connect to the WiFi network. SecurePass has eliminated the need for this by making the process customer friendly and seamless. Now your staff can do other things around the venue without worrying about one more task.

Low maintenance cost

Businesses like to save a lot of money regarding operational expenses. This is usually a goal for many hospitality business managers because the nature of the business requires constant daily spending. By implementing a WiFi network that is cheap to maintain and saves you the need for extra IT personnel, you can cut off some of the daily costs of your business. Enter SecurePass turn-key multi-device management system – the best way to achieve this.

Brand Loyalty

Good WiFi does more than make your guest stay pleasant. It keeps them coming back. With SecurePass, your guests will be more than happy to visit your facility again and again. With remote working now in vogue, many people seek hotels, restaurants, and public centers where they can easily connect their devices to the WiFi network and do some work.

SecurePass is simply changing the way public WiFi is accessed. GoZone WiFi understands that more advanced forms of wifi are necessary to improve customer experience. Hence, it rolled out the SecurePass feature to support this goal. All types of businesses that use public WiFi can benefit from the integration of SecurePass.

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