District WiFi Host Location Agreement

Thanks for becoming a host location for the district! Your participation in the program is key to the success in making it EASY for visitors and guests that patronize the businesses in the district! 

Here are our easy terms and conditions to participate in the program as a location Host:

  1. The AGREEMENT is between BUSINESS NAME (HOST) and GOZONE WIFI, LLC. (GOZONE), a Florida limited liability company and is subject to change at anytime without notice. The additional terms located at https://www.gozonewifi.com/terms/saas/ are referenced and incorporated.
  2. This AGREEMENT term is month to month and HOST or GOZONE may terminate this Agreement at any time.
  3. GOZONE will install and maintain GOZONE WIFI equipment at HOST location at NO COST to HOST for the duration of this agreement. The HOST will not disconnect, move or alter equipment without agreement from GOZONE. If HOST already has equipment compatible with the GoZone Technology, then GOZONE will assist with the configuration of the equipment to integrate.
  4. GOZONE will operate public access Wi-Fi and broadcast SSID of “!GoZoneWIFI-FREE” in and around HOST location. If HOST is integrating their own compatible equipment, they will configure their equipment to broadcast the same SSID for guest access at the location. GOZONE does not guarantee range of coverage area.
  5. GOZONE will supply advertising space for the HOST on the Wi-Fi login page free of charge. GOZONE may modify the login page or guest login flow as needed but will not promote any other business or host on the login page, other than the District association.
  6. GOZONE will supply Marketing4WiFi dashboard access to HOST for its own use subject to the GOZONE use terms and the privacy policy at https://www.gozonewifi.com/privacy/
  7. GOZONE will redirect guests to a sponsored landing page that will NOT have any advertisements for businesses competitive to HOST. This page will be unencumbered by HOST.
  8. GOZONE will send an e-mail to guests upon first login that will contain a "welcome to the district" message and will promote the sponsors of the district WiFi. This Email will be unencumbered by HOST.
  9. HOST will supply GOZONE 24 hour a day, 7 day a week powered-on connectivity to HOST’s Internet connection and a power outlet for GOZONE WIFI equipment.
  10. HOST may supply GOZONE an updated advertisement at anytime for free via the Marketing4WiFi Dashboard.
  11. HOST will surrender GOZONE equipment and signage upon termination of AGREEMENT.
  12. HOST is responsible for lost or damaged GOZONE equipment and signage with the exception of normal wear and tear. Cost to replace equipment is $250.00 per access point.
  13. If Agreement is terminated by either party, all guest data collected from your location, any images you've uploaded or any pages you've created, or any other analytics data in the dashboard/GoZone Technology will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.




I agree to the above terms and will surrender any GOZONE-supplied equipment immediately if Agreement is terminated.

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