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The Game Changer for Music Festival WiFi

The events management industry experienced a significant downturn in business activities due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Music festivals were, of course, no exception. But as our daily lives are gradually returning to normal, more people have resumed attending festivals. As a result, event venues have become open to individuals looking to host large events, even though many of them do not still run at 100% capacity to accommodate COVID 19 restrictions.

As an event center during this period, you might experience a surge in the number of inquiries, however, bear in mind that your competitors are experiencing the same. Sustaining your reputation after the lockdown by building festival-goer loyalty would mean that your overall services must evolve. This also includes your Wi-Fi and internet service.

Many customers require optimum Wi-Fi service as a prerequisite to booking an event center; therefore, you need to stay on top of your game. With GoZone Wi-Fi’s unique feature, SecurePass, your guests’ Wi-Fi needs will be fully met and even surpassed. SecurePass is a turn-key secure multi-device management feature under the Marketing4WiFi platform that will allow festival attendees to connect to Wi-Fi seamlessly.

Why you should use SecurePass for guest Wi-Fi access

SecurePass is suitable for large events such as festivals and concerts given its seamless integration into guests’ devices, and the fact that businesses can generate more revenue when they subscribe to this platform.

Some key reasons to consider using SecurePass guest Wi-Fi access at your venue are;

  • Easy Connection: Festival attendees will be able to connect easily without glitches even in high volume areas. Any smart device can be added to the network by simply using the home network password.
  • Better efficiency: It nullifies the need for IT personnel to connect guests to the central WiFi. Therefore, your staff can focus on providing other services for the comfort and convenience of your guests.
  • Reduced operational costs: SecurePass can save your business many maintenance costs. Also, considering that it can be easily accessed, getting dedicated staff to manage it is unnecessary; hence the operational cost is drastically reduced.
  • Improved Reputation: Getting a reliable guest Wi-Fi feature like SecurePass improves your event’s reputation; this can create returning festival-goers and determines whether you get referrals for new clients.
  • Continued marketing: Once your guests have used their devices for contactless check-in, you will have a built-in email and text marketing list to promote events, co-work gatherings, digital nomad events, and more activities.
  • Customer analytics: With GoZone’s platform, you can monitor customer trends and improve your revenue-generating abilities.

By integrating to GoZone’s SecurePass, you can improve the customer experience at your festival and other large events by giving them free and easily accessible Wi-Fi for all their browsing needs even in high volume venues. SecurePass would help you get more attendees at your events while increasing customers’ loyalty to your venue and improving your business revenue.

Ready to turn your basic WiFi into Smart Wifi? At GoZone, we provide all three platforms of WiFi Marketing, Advertising, and Analytics to help you increase attendee engagement and keep them coming back for years to come.

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