Location and Traffic Alerts Powered by Your Guest WiFi Analytics

Location and Traffic Alerts Powered by Your Guest WiFi Analytics featured image

GoZone WiFi analytics allows users, typically business owners, to capture data using WiFi access points. These data trends can be studied and analyzed to help you make better business decisions and develop innovative marketing campaigns.

WiFi Analytics has two types; WiFi Presence Analytics and WiFi Marketing Analytics. These analytics capture various kinds of data, including;

  • Location
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Demography such as age, gender
  • Digital media information such as email addresses

Brand marketing has transformed into deeper customer insights to appeal to the public. To make the most out of your marketing strategies as a business, you must be willing and able to understand your customer’s behaviors even when they are offline. Analytics is always best for giving you visibility to customers’ activities.

What Businesses Need WiFi Analytics?

All businesses can harness GoZone’s WiFi Analytics for better business insights. From shops to hotels and resorts, libraries, parks, sporting centers, and anywhere. Examining customers’ behavior is essential for customer engagement and retention.

Importance of WiFi Analytics to Businesses

WiFi analytics is beneficial to business growth and improved performance for so many reasons.

WiFi helps to bridge the gap between the offline and online experience

Users of WiFi at various facilities typically exhibit both online and offline behaviors. It is crucial to understand both patterns to inform better decisions. WiFi location analytics provides this interlink between users’ online and offline behaviors so that businesses can ride on it for more targeted campaigns and improved customer experience.

Examine Traffic

Knowing what your customers are doing online can help you get better insights into their preferences and what excites them.

Gain insight into customer location

Using analytics, you can study where your customers spend the most time, where they spend less time, and where they stop for the longest, all within your facility or location.

Integration with other datasets

You can integrate analytics into other datasets and better understand customer patterns and business trends.

Increased Revenue

Proper data analysis can help you understand what needs to be implemented in your business based on customer behavior. It can also help you do better marketing, leading to higher patronage and more revenue.

Better Brand Success

Nothing makes a brand more appealing than a premium customer experience achieved through attention to detail.  Analytics helps brands stand out in customer success because their decisions are all informed; built purposefully on customers’ data and trends.

Overall, analytics is a great tool rolled out by GoZone WiFi. It helps businesses with a more holistic view of customer behavior based on location and presence. It informs better marketing strategies and spurs transformative growth. Companies who have implemented analytics typically record better customer service and experience and increased revenue.

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