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Upgrade Your Resort’s WiFi with SecurePass

As a hotel, resort, or public facility, having a smooth WiFi connection is a necessity if you want to attract loyal clients. After all, many regular hotel guests claim good WiFi is one of the main reasons they keep coming back.

Times have changed since March 2020, and people have begun to feel comfortable traveling again. It’s circumstances like these why GoZone WiFi is continually evolving the WiFi experience in the hospitality sector. We firmly believe an excellent WiFi provider is one that always stays ahead of the curve.  With the current surge in the number of people needing hotels and lodging facilities, WiFi connections need to be prepared to accommodate the demand.

Enter SecurePass™– GoZone WiFi’s Marketing4WiFi feature, which provides a turn-key secure multi-device management solution for seamless guest WIFI access at various facilities. SecurePass is made for customers in the hospitality business as well as outdoor recreational spaces, including campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, state or national parks, MDUs, smart buildings, convention facilities, campus communities, and more!

With SecurePass, you can easily onboard multiple devices to your guest WiFi. The process is seamless and saves a lot of the costs that would otherwise have been used to purchase more complex wifi integration models.

A few advantages of the SecurePass WiFi access include;

  • Seamless connection: Connecting to SecurePass at any facility is quick and easy. Its ability to synchronize fast on any mobile device is almost too good to be true! Guests can get it up and running on their own without glitches. You can also onboard any smart device by simply inputting a home network password.
  • Easy management: There is no need for IT personnel to create multiple device profiles or a customer service representative to assist with the connection, meaning you can focus on providing services in other areas beneficial to guests.
  • Low cost: Hotels and hospitality businesses accrue a lot of daily expenses to keep the services and amenities at the best standards for their guests. With SecurePass, there’s one less thing to worry about. WiFi that is affordable and saves you many maintenance costs, not to mention the elimination of the need for support staff, is every resort’s dream. SecurePass brings this dream to a reality.
  • Customer Loyalty: Who doesn’t love to surf the internet using a speedy and smooth WiFi network? When customers have a good WiFi experience at your facility, they are bound to keep coming. You are also likely to get more referrals, thereby increasing your customer base and generating more revenue for your business.

With so many advantages awaiting those who implement SecurePass through Marketing4WiFi, it’s easy to see why businesses are reaching out to GoZone WiFi to learn more. If you’re ready to take a step towards providing your guests with the best possible WiFi connection on their next stay, then reach out to us today!

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