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No matter the vertical or the size of your venue, GoZone WiFi can unlock power hidden within your guest WiFi.

Creating new business opportunities and solving complex problems for venues of all shapes and sizes.

City and Community

Get to know visitors and residents, drive community initiatives, and analyze traffic flow and trends.


Monitor traffic patterns, validate authorized logins, and provide unique access levels.

Food and Beverage

Drive social following, send automated marketing messages, and say goodbye to passwords.


Aggregate guest data, drive rewards programming, and increase average on-site spend.

Grocery and Retail

Connect your brick-and-mortar and digital business with access to location analytics and guest insights.

Parks and Recreation

Provide unique login methods based on guest type, collect WiFi payments, and send targeted marketing messages.

Resorts and Lodging

Improve the guest experience, promote loyalty and rewards programs, and generate direct revenue.

Stadiums and Events

Enhance the attendee experience, drive on-site purchasing, and display third-party ads.


Monitor traffic patterns, earn advertising revenue, and improve traveler experience with communications and wayfinding.

Discover what Smart WiFi can do for you.


Collect and analyze detailed guest data and traffic insights.

Drive revenue, business growth and customer retention.

Start growing and earning quickly with a user-friendly platform.


Build lasting relationships through targeted and timely marketing.

Integrate seamlessly with existing software and network infrastructure.

Work with our experienced team to find a customized solution to achieve your goals.

Transform your guest WiFi network into a marketing and loyalty machine.

  • Personalized SMS, email, and social campaigns
  • Custom WiFi login and landing pages
  • Trackable and redeemable coupons
  • Customer behavior and data capture
  • Increased security, content filters, and bandwidth limits
  • In-house system API integrations
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No venue is too big or too small.

If there's guest WiFi, we can unlock the marketing potential within.

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Serving venues from stadiums to salons.


Connect the digital and brick-and mortar strategy. Reward loyalty, understand guest behavior, and control WiFi access.

Family Entertainment

Increase social following, monitor traffic flow within your venue, and gather custom data from guests.

Food Trucks

Stand out from the competition with a branded captive portal, digital touchless menu, and smarter remarketing tools.

Health and Fitness

Increase client retention with strategic, data-driven marketing. Promote membership and analyze client trends.


Welcome guests with a customized login experience. Gather unique data and build a customer database to increase sales.

Medical Offices

Control the privacy and accessibility of your WiFi network with advanced captive portal tools.

Religious Centers

Engage with your community through an optimized digital experience to promote events, membership, and fundraising.

Residential Properties

Improve the residential online experience. Differentiate between residents and guests and gain control over your network.

Salon and Beauty

Automate appointment reminders, personalize the WiFi experience, and build your customer database.

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