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Raise your hand for campus WiFi that makes an impact.

Bring your wireless solutions into the next generation with campus intelligence, student engagement, and enhanced security tools.

How is Smart WiFi being used at schools?

Promote school events and fundraisers. Secondly, provide unique access levels. Finally, personalize the login process.

  • Provide unique WiFi access levels to staff, students, and guests
  • Drive athletic booster sales with automated messaging to parents
  • Survey students with customized forms

Monitor traffic flow and stay in the know as patterns change.

  • Receive alerts in real-time as traffic changes in high-risk areas
  • Analyze traffic patterns to make informed decisions on school staffing and security
  • Flag banned devices from using campus WiFi. In addition, receive alerts if devices are seen on campus

Showcase school sponsors with interactive ads, drive app downloads, and provide advertiser attribution.

  • Promote school initiatives with rotating, interactive ads
  • Create fundraisers and allow students and faculty to sell digital advertising space on school WiFi network
  • Increase school app downloads with app store redirect based on device type

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Transforming School Buses Into Mobile Learning Hotspots

GoZone has worked closely with our partners to identify serious challenges in the face of distance learning. Find out how WiFi on school buses can transform the mobile learning experience.

Roughly one in five parents with homebound school-aged children say it is very likely or somewhat likely their children will not be able complete their schoolwork because they do not have access to a computer at home, or must use public WiFi to finish their schoolwork because there is not a reliable internet connection at home.

Pew Research Center, 2020

Share school news and events.

Keep students, administration, and guests up to date on school news. For example, athletic boosters to PTA events.

Monitor high-risk areas.

Receive customized alerts as traffic patterns change in high-risk areas around campus. For example, restrooms and courtyards.

Modernize the experience.

Provide seamless and integrated login process with transparent terms and conditions.

Validate students and administration.

Use email validation to ensure that only verified users can access the network.

Decide who gets access, and how.

Allow students, administration, guests, and parents to gain WiFi access using unique permissions and authentication methods.

Flag inappropriate behavior.

Flag users who attempt to visit blocked websites, dwell in unwanted areas, or enter school property when prohibited.

Want to learn more? We work with partners around the world to deploy school campus WiFi networks. Our experts are standing by, ready to help.

Transform campus WiFi networks into an intelligence, security and promotions machine:

  • Unique access levels and permissions
  • Custom surveys to gather unique data
  • Personalized SMS, email, and social campaigns
  • Branded WiFi login and landing pages
  • Guest WiFi payments and vouchers
  • Guest behavior and location analytics
  • Increased security, content filters, and bandwidth limits
  • In-house system API integrations
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Smart WiFi Enterprise Plans

 Customized plans designed for large venues. Choose from the modules below to build a plan that works best for your business.


Collect valuable location data including traffic patterns, proximity, dwell time, loyalty, and busy days and times. Analyze visual traffic heatmaps and receive triggered density alerts to help monitor crowds.


Present a branded login experience and allow guests to connect via social, email, or custom survey. Create and define unique WiFi access levels for VIPs, staff and guests. Allow access to predefined guest plans with payments or vouchers.


Analyze detailed guest data safely and securely collected through WiFi access. Gain new understanding about guest loyalty, demographics, dwell time, device type, and more. Export this data to improve overall marketing efforts.


Communicate with guests in real-time and leverage automated integrations and APIs. Send triggered campaigns based on guest behavior to drive on-premise purchasing and loyalty.


Complete customer relationship management module includes contact import, data filtering, and customer tagging. Create and manage campaigns and reach a defined audience.


Create custom landing pages and display interactive smart advertisements with a complete campaign delivery and management system. Track online engagements and drive new revenue.


Our team of experts offers a hands-on, personalized experience to ensure that you get the best results.

Unmatched customer support.

More than just another vendor, our team acts as a dedicated business partner committed to your success.

A consultative approach.

Leverage our marketing and technical support teams to make getting started and continued success a breeze.

Custom development.

We work with venues of all shapes and sizes. So, we and are constantly innovating our platforms to better serve you.

Hardware Partners

We've partnered with industry leaders to provide hardware agnostic solutions.

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*Source: Education Superhighway: The classroom connectivity gap is now closed.

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