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Pro-active engagement with carded players while building your non-carded database.

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We’re helping the Gaming industry build loyalty, provide pro-active messaging and optimize floor revenues.

Customized Wi-Fi landing pages and interactive ads drive purchasing behavior.

  • Increase amenity purchases delivered to your guests while their on-site

  • Watch your ROI increase using our powerful attribution tools

  • Affect visitor behavior with customized landing pages

Collect player data and engage instantly like you've never been able to before.

  • Build a list of players and supplement your existing loyalty lists

  • Reward loyal players with coupons or VIP WiFi access

  • Drive engagement with automated e-mail, SMS and social media campaigns

Drive decisions with foot traffic analysis to see trends and understand player behaviors.

  • Improve coin-in revenues by analysing traffic flows

  • Respond to incidents using real-time density alerts

  • Keep players longer and see return visit statistics

Ready to see what Smart WiFi can do for you?

Collect and update THOUSANDS of player profiles per month!

  • Guests connect and receive a branded login page

  • Guests enter their profile information

  • Guests receive personalized opt-in messages

  • You gain valuable insights and player data


Optimize your floor utilization metrics!

  • Automatically counts traffic around the property 24x7

  • See where people are staying longer

  • Explore return visits versus new visits

  • Find gaps and crowded areas in your floorplans

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Our team of Wi-Fi marketing experts works as an extension of your team and offers a hands-on experience to align with your goals.

Unmatched customer support.

More than just another vendor, our team acts as a dedicated business partner committed to your success.

A consultative approach.

Leverage our marketing and technical support teams to make getting started and continued success a breeze.

Custom development.

We work with venues of all shapes and sizes, and are constantly innovating our platforms to better serve you.

GoZone support has been quick, thorough, and they always follow the issue to its resolution. GoZone’s commitment to service excellence on top of a stellar software platform is very apparent.”

Scott Evangelist

Communications Manager

"We now know who our customers are and can use our own email marketing platform to communicate with our guests. In the 2+ years since we’ve partnered with GoZone, our rate of return customers has dramatically increased."

Adam Perhosky

Director of Marketing

"Smart WiFi has exponentially helped to grow our marketing database and engage with our customers. As a marketing expert, I know thevalue of an updated and targeted customer list. When your marketing efforts reach a larger audience, you’re going to get better results - regardless of what you’re promoting."

Zeb Apostolakis

Creative Director

"Words cannot explain how happy I am with this platform and marketing service. GoZone's marketing team performs an amazing job at staying up to date with creating email campaigns that promote my upcoming events to my WiFi guests in a timely manner."

Chris Werner


"The The ability to understand our customers, and have a way to instantly engage with them, is extremely important to our brand development and strategic marketing efforts."

Victoria Vini

Marketing Specialist

"The data collected with GoZone allowed us to identify an unexpected pattern in our new location. Analyzing that data led to an operational adjustment which resulted in an increase in revenue."

Jeff Gabriel

VP of Strategy

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We've integrated with the best enterprise hardware to leverage your existing investments.

GoZone's platforms offer your guests a consistent experience regardless of the WiFi infrastructure.


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Turn Up Revenue and Engagement for Casinos

WiFi analytics provides key data points to help casinos understand what games players love, how they navigate throughout the property, and how traffic patterns fluctuate over time.


Are you ready to unlock the ROI hidden in your guest WiFi?

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Smart WiFi Enterprise Plans

 Customized plans designed for large venues. Choose from the modules below to build a plan that works best for your business.


Collect valuable location data including traffic patterns, proximity, dwell time, loyalty, and busy days and times. Analyze visual traffic heatmaps and receive triggered density alerts to help monitor crowds.


Present a branded login experience and allow guests to connect via social, email, or custom survey. Create and define unique WiFi access levels for VIPs, staff and guests. Allow access to predefined guest plans with payments or vouchers.


Analyze detailed guest data safely and securely collected through WiFi access. Gain new understanding about guest loyalty, demographics, dwell time, device type, and more. Export this data to improve overall marketing efforts.


Communicate with guests in real-time and leverage automated integrations and APIs. Send triggered campaigns based on guest behavior to drive on-premise purchasing and loyalty.


Complete customer relationship management module includes contact import, data filtering, and customer tagging. Create and manage campaigns and reach a defined audience.


Create custom landing pages and display interactive smart advertisements with a complete campaign delivery and management system. Track online engagements and drive new revenue.

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