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MSPs: How to Increase MRR with WiFi Analytics

By owning a client’s WiFi implementation — bringing the coverage, data, and strategy they need — you can increase MRR while building a new list of valuable prospects.

How ISPs Can Improve Customer Relationships

In the post-COVID world, ISPs can offer valuable service add-on solutions that help small businesses reopen. Original Air date - 2/11/21.

Increasing Sales with SMS Marketing

With a 98% projected open rate, SMS marketing is the tool to reach a wide audience, promote your business, and get people to start patronizing your business again.

Introducing Contact Manager

Smart contact management and email marketing made easy. With smart tagging and scheduled e-blast emails, Contact Manager can replace any typical email marketing platform.

Delivering Intelligence that Retailers Want

As more and more retailers look to analytics to remain relevant in a digital world, delivering meaningful WiFi analytics can set you apart from the crowd.

Increasing Revenue with Integrated Advertising

Smart WiFi has changed the game for captive portals. Turn basic guest WiFi into a results-driven, engaging digital billboard for your WiFi guests.

Uncovering the Value of WiFi Analytics

To show brick-and-mortar venues the value of WiFi analytics, you have to be able to understand the ins and outs yourself and your clients.

Bridging IT and Marketing

Consider this: Your clients' marketing department needs analytics, they have the budget to pay for it, and with a Smart WiFi solution, you have the platform that delivers.

Introducing WiFi Access Levels, and Payments

This release includes two major enhancements to guest WiFi access and monetization: guest plans with access through payments and vouchers.

The Power of Presence Analytics

Learn about presence analytics and how the collection, analysis, and reporting of data offers an opportunity for clients to make better business decisions and generate revenue.

SecurePass: Smart Multi-Device Connectivity

Provide venues and guests with the ultimate turn-key secure multi-device management solution for seamless guest access quickly and easily.

How to Monetize Guest WiFi with WiFi Advertising

For venues that operate guest WiFi networks, there is an opportunity to drive additional revenue for their business and supplement their digital advertising efforts - WiFi advertising.

Using Email Marketing to Bring Back Customers

Brick-and-mortar venues are always looking for an affordable and effective tool to engage with guests and motivate them to return to their store. Email marketing is that tool.

GoZone WiFi Feature Release - Touchless Menu

See how GoZone is helping restaurants save on printing costs, save on labor time, and provide guest peace of mind with the new Touchless Menu feature.

Improving Marketing with WiFi Analytics

Let our Smart WiFi team with 10+ years of restaurant experience help you find out how to collect crucial guest data for restaurants and make the most of your marketing efforts.

How to Sparkle and Shine During the Holidays

Feel like there's a dark cloud hanging over your retail space? Join our sales expert to learn some tips to get your store to sparkle and shine this holiday season.

Guest Plan: Payments and Vouchers Modules

Our April platform update includes two major enhancements to guest WiFi access and monetization: guest plans with access through payments and vouchers.

Social Media Retargeting with Smart WiFi

You know how to remarket to your website visitors, but connecting with in-person customers can be a bit trickier. Find out how to retarget your in-store guests with Smart WiFi.

Driving RDS Sales with Smart WiFi

To help ensure hungry customers can satisfy their cravings from the couch, here are the top ways to promote your restaurant delivery service and increase sales through Smart WiFi.

Keep Email Out of the Spam Folder

One in five marketing emails will end up in the spam folder. How can you stand out among the crowd? Learn five actionable tips to send better emails and stay out of the spam folder.

Introducing Guest Flow and Form Builder

Find out how GoZone's powerful Guest Flow and Form Builder features are changing the way guests log in to WiFi.