What is a Captive Portal? 

What is a Captive Portal?  featured image

Many people have come across captive portals and may not have even realized it. When people log into the guest WiFi in a place of business, a captive portal is what they must go through to use the WiFi network. A captive portal is a splash page on their mobile device, tablet, or laptop that displays information asking users to the web.  

Most captive portals will contain a list of the terms and services, or they may ask for some simple personal details before they prompt users to agree to the terms before allowing access.

Once guests agree, the captive portal can manage users’ access and engage at critical points in the visit. Businesses use these portals to capture essential insights into customers that physically access their location versus their webpage. 

In today’s highly tech-savvy world, people demand easy access to fast internet anywhere they go. Even in the age where telecommunications companies offer unlimited data, that data can only stretch so far, and sometimes, service can be a little spotty. We can all relate to being at a sports game, a festival, or a concert without a signal – it’s the worst. 

When people visit a coffee shop, hotel, or event venue and want to access the internet without using their data plan, they will opt to connect to the business’s guest WiFi. In utilizing captive portals, enterprises have begun to use a way to accommodate the growing needs for accessible WiFi while collecting essential data on their guests to help with their marketing efforts. 

Benefits of Using a Captive Portal 

Businesses worldwide can use captive portals to support their marketing strategies and help companies make changes needed to increase customer or guest satisfaction and loyalty. Using captive portals can benefit businesses by: 

Use Captive Portal to Collect essential Customer Data and Contact Data 

Businesses can customize captive portals to include fields to request additional information to collect accurate and rich data to build robust customer profiles. Collect data such as name, age, location, emails, gender, etc. Making a detailed customer profile can help marketing teams create more targeted marketing strategies.   

Providing a Level of Security 

Using a captive portal protects both the user and the business. The built-in security features can secure online business assets and protect users from phishing scams. The firm is also protected by freeing itself from liability for illegal online behavior. 

Set Limits to Prevent Users from Hogging Bandwidth 

Many public places can attract people who might sit for extended periods of time, and bog down the internet with their increased use. Setting up time limits can prevent users from staying connected for too long or set download limits to avoid large downloads to free up bandwidth – giving other users access.  

Using GoZone Smart WiFi captive portals at your place of business can be a convenient way to collect insights on the customers visiting your physical locations. Captive portals can help increase engagement, brand awareness, and customer profiles, improving businesses’ ROI and increasing overall revenue.  

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